Hubert Senters here. In my opinion, there are three great ways for you to make money in the United States or abroad for that matter trading and investing which we talk a lot about here. I do a lot of that investing in real estate or owning your own business or investing in other businesses. So in this example you’ve got VNQ on-screen Vanguard’s Real Estate ETF which is a REIT. A lot of times some REIT will have some advantages and disadvantages versus owning actual homes that you either own outright or you flip as investments. So take a look there is a two day buy signal here on VNQ which is Vanguard’s leading ETF REIT here and it’s a brand new buy one, two three bars above the cloud. So that would tell you one thing that real estate markets, you know, start in to bottom it’s a new buy signal could go as high as you know $82-$84. Now, in my mastermind, there’s this guy. His name is Josh Cantwell and I debated whether I should tell you the story because I don’t want to offend anyone because it’s not a story to offend you but I’m a member of a lot of different masterminds. I hadn’t seen Josh in about a year and a half and he’s a tall guy. He’s taller now. But he was a little heavy. On the heavy side. And I saw him at the bar coming into the mastermind and I was like man, Josh we’ve been doing a new diet, new exercise program. Oh! You look phenomenal man. He’s like ‘’yeah, man. Pancreatic cancer like. Oh! My God, it feels like such a piece of sh*t. I did not know. He goes ‘’no, no, no. it’s okay man.’’ He goes nobody knew. I’m like dude, I’m so sorry. I feel horrible and I was like pancreatic cancer man, that’s a widow maker because usually when you get that, you know, it’s usually a death sentence. And I’ve had family members that have died. And he goes fortunately, I got a rare breed of cancer on the pancreas where all they have just cut it and you’re good. I’m like man that’s amazing. But anyway, he is a real estate investor and there’s several of those guys in the mastermind that do real estate investing. I’m going to hyperlink you over. He’s got a webinar that shows you how he flips houses. He has two different offerings. I think I’m trying to remember his business model. One he’ll teach you how to do it and then one a lot of us in the mastermind just invest in his fund where he just does it. We give him money. He does it and we get a return on our money. Those are two different opportunities that he has. I’m going to hyperlink you over. The page is going to look like it’s right here. He’s just going to ask you a couple of questions number one. Have you ever flipped houses so far? If you’ve never done it, zero. If you flipped one to five or plus six hit next. He’s going to just ask you nice little survey question and then you register for webinar and he’s going to tell you, you know, how he flips houses on high profits in his spare time. He actually does it full time because he does a whole real estate company. So take a look at let me know what you think and give me some feedback. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.