I get more education from your downhome countrified common sense attitude and character than any trade setup you could ever teach! Don’t get me wrong, your market expertise is invaluable, but when coupled with your demeanor, it is absolutely priceless! Thanks for being you.

Ken D.


Nice job man. Really appreciate the candid approach and the humor. Please keep it up


Hello Hubert,

I want  to  thank you for a very informative, and I expect, profitable in the near future, course.  As before, you delivered more than was offered.

Warm regards and good trading,

Cesar L.

Hi Hubert,

I thought the course was good and you are an excellent instructor.

Bobbie C


I just wanted to say as usual you lived up to your word and way more than delivered on this course. I took the Tech Analysis 101 and Ichimoku course and this Favorite Trades course just keeps the great teaching coming. Again many thanks for your time and effort.



Just wanted to say thanks for the feedback and suggestions for helping me fix the thing that is holding me back in my trading, and that is my psychology. ~ Jason ~

Hi Hubert

Thank you very much for introducing me to the world of gold.  I had tried trading it for about a month through the guidance of another trading room.  What a scary disaster that was.

Anyway, I am very impressed with you and your software.  I had a pretty good understanding of futures before but now it is greatly enhanced.  I seem to have a good basic feel and read on gold and the bond.

Thank you again for all you do.  I love the software and your room.

Take care and talk soon

Diane B.

Hey Hubert,

Your gold class was the first class I’ve taken and thought it was great. I definitely need to go back and watch the recordings again. I am signed up for your next course on swing trading in November and looking forward to it.


Jesse B.

Thank you for being the most patient person. You have made things so simple and cleared up all the mystery in trading for me. Your honesty and no BS approach far exceeds all the other trading courses around. I found other courses are basically sold by used car salesmen. You are more interested in teaching then selling and it is a great relief. Thank you Hubert for being honest and sincere. It is a rare quality in this business of trading!

Elliot ~


I really enjoyed your class. You took the time to make it workable.

Thanks again.

Dick L.

Hubert, I am doing WAY better since focusing almost exclusively on gold.  Was trying to watch too many markets and getting “glazed over”.  Thanks so much!

Randy J.


Great course, great sessions, great humor.

Appreciate the time and education.  You provided more than was offered in the curriculum.

Fred C.

Hi Hubert,

The Gold Trading course was great. I learned a lot. I can now add a bunch of stuff to my bag of tricks. I give you kudos for having the patience of “Job” , to be able to answer the same question a thousand times and not losing your cool too much, I did not realize how thick some people are.


Ken H.

Hubert – I did the 1-2-3 trade today on the YM and it worked just like you said.

Thank you so much for all your help.

Best –

John G.

Hi there, Thank Hubert for me, I quite enjoyed that and felt I had learnt
something that I could keep. This was my first webinar experience,as they
never usually coincide with my free time. Was amused by some of the
questions ! Have been following Hubert for probably a couple years
now, and am looking forward to shifting my trading from hobby status to
serious business. (Don’t Dabble, is what I think Hubert would say!)

Regards Mick C.

Thanks for all you do. 
I’m loving the course.  Thank you again for your patience and dedication.
Best Regards,
Kim Y.

Just a quick thank you. Good night Gold trade worked well for me overnight.

Tuan T.

I traded grains on the CBOT as Member since 1965 (later a Clearing Member).

Hubert has inspired me to explore ways of crafting some similar simple trend following rules for trading Soybeans that he uses to trade Gold.  It may not be possible. 

I was Long SX, and added as soon as possible after the holiday.  SX kept powering higher to new Highs, but Bam, Bam… fizzle, leak… Rejection on High Volume…

Thanks Hubert!!!!

Mike H.

I am Dave D. and I ask some dumb questions on occasion and am off topic other times, but I thank you for putting up with me anyway. Just wanted to thank you for helping me to develop the mental toughness to hang tight, look at the trends and charts and be able to turn a bad entry into a profitable trade when I get in at the wrong time. Sometimes, I get out quickly and that usually proves to be a mistake. It seems that the trade frequently comes back unless the bottom just totally falls out or the position shoots to the moon. The info you and all the others give is excellent and I thank you for that. Keep up the good work. I appreciate all you do. Take care and thanks,
Dave D.

Hi Hubert,

I have been following you in the trade room since the beginning of the year. I really like your approach to trading and the way that you simplify it for us newbies. Of course your humor always brightens my day & sometimes I find myself laughing out loud. You have an immense amount of patience as is demonstrated in the trading room when someone asks you the same question that you have already answered five times. I could not do what you do!

My trading is slowly improving, although not as quickly as I would like. (Isn’t that always the case???) I have been trading full-time for about 2 years. I started by taking some classes with Online Trading Academy. Although they sounded good at first, you have helped me a lot more! I will highly recommend you to anyone who wants to learn trading. Thanks so much for being willing to share your expertise and “pass it on!”  I truly appreciate it!

Thanks again,

Jenny J.


Thanks for your webinar on Wednesday, you provided some excellent information.  You and I met briefly at Dallas Expo.  As we know trading is a journey and learning process.  I’ve gone through a decent sized drawdown in my account this spring as I’ve been learning things and transitioned to full time trading, but nothing too insane, I’m now approaching break even on a daily basis, which is highly encouraging in my view.  My losses are getting smaller and my winners are beginning to get larger.  This has been largely due to the teaching provided by you.  I’m looking to attend one of your private mentorships later this year to put my game firmly in the black, but I want to have completed a bunch of additional homework before I attend that to maximize my learning while I’m there.  Thanks and keep the videos and webinars coming!

Regards, Charles R.


You rock.  My favorite thing about you, Hubert, is that you don’t bullshit us.  So many others blow smoke up our ass out there but you talk to us like were your brother or sister.  You give crystal clear and very well experienced ideas but stay away from the ‘this one strategy hits 83% of the time and will make you wealthy beyond your dreams’ crap that 95% of the people fall for out there…….then blow out their account.  Keep up the no-nonsense…real life….presentation of information my brother.

Take care,


That was a great. You have a very simplistic approach and I find it easy to learn from you.


Elliot K.

I just really like trading with you. I think you do a super job of analysis and trading.



Your live morning trading/discussion today has been excellent and enlightening.  I appreciate your straight forward, no nonsense, clear, honest, unhyped presentation style.

Chris D.

Great 6/20/18 webinar. I learned a lot- some of which I heard before in your past presentations but on repetition, the information was reinforced and I learned more. Your teaching skills and patience continue to excel and improve.

Richard W.

Thanks for the opportunity to watch you trade this morning.  That first trade was a whirlwind.  What I really liked though was seeing how the ambush trade worked out….twice.  I thought there is no way that price is going to fall down to the level you said it would, and yet it did.  NEAT!  I must need those slower trades to understand, and it was nice knowing that you had the ability to set up your trade based on the fibs.

Thanks again,

Dollie A.

Thank you for your very constructive training.

Kimberly Y

Hi Hubert,

I have really enjoyed your mentorship. I have taken a bunch of your classes and webinars, and really appreciate your down to earth explanations.

Long ago, I worked for two different spread trading companies, where we taught individuals 25 different spread trading strategies. We didn’t have any of the indicators that are available now, and really didn’t have good triggers to enter trades, or targets for exits. I our students exit and adjust their trades, but never was able to make profitable decisions based on sound strategies for myself. We just entered and held the positions.

A trading friend referred me to your sight, and I really enjoyed it from the start.

I chose you because I receive intelligent information, and excellent indicators that give me the edge in trading.

I have enjoyed working with your team, they are always professional, and you have answered my posts in the forum.

My favorite techniques/indicators that I picked up from you are the hourly squeeze (with other time frames also), the momentum bars are fabulous for swings, and the old fashioned “bricks” from the old video. Love that with HOLP and LOHP for breakouts. I look forward to your evening perspective on gold and I particularly like the “Gold Spike”. Did I mention how I learned from you how to scale out of trades? Oh, and my all time favorite way to re-enter a trade, the ambush zone. Oh yes, and gaps. I had a lot of fun with gaps last year. Not playing them so much this year so far.

My increased knowledge has given me a level of comfort in trading that I had never had before. Having an edge is critical in trading.

I would recommend you to trading friends because you provide real value, not just fluff.

Thanks for everything you do to keep teaching us.

Michele M.

Before I knew anything about Hubert’s service, I didn’t make money on a regular basis in the stock market, and I wasn’t able to trade multiple markets. After discovering Hubert Senters, I found I had a daily coach who walked me through a multitude of trades in different markets. This gave me the confidence and ability to initiate trades I previously lacked. Consequently, I started making trades no matter what the condition of the market was. The subscription fee is an amazing bargain for the privilege of having experienced traders like Hubert walking me through the best possible trade set ups out there.

I previously had some experience trading breakout stocks and met with some success, but this only worked when the market was pushing convincingly higher. After the 2008 stock market crash, my break out-only approach proved inadequate for ongoing trading. As I waited out the terrible recession and horrible stock market, I searched for someone who could explain in layman’s terms how to make money in the stock market without some gimmicky, flimsy approach.

I have found the video newsletter to be an effective and convenient tool for following the markets with clear insight on what to do each day. Hubert has  a patient, methodical approach that works in all time frames and which covers all markets. This means whether the markets are moving up, down or sideways, you, too, can make trades utilizing his approach. Don’t listen to the hysteria of the many conflicting talking heads. Turn down the volume on CNBC and turn up the volume on their newsletter.

From someone who has actually made significant additions to my trading strategies to Hubert Senters, I recommend Hubert’s services to anyone who wants to make trades in the markets. At the risk of encouraging them to raise their rates, I would gladly pay several times what he currently charges.

Thanks for dramatically improving my game!

Garrett B.

I wanted to thank you for helping me become a better trader.  You don’t just show your setups to trade but you teach us how to become a full-time trader.  The trading discipline is by far the most important aspect to success, you can have a great plan but without the discipline to follow the plan you don’t have a chance.  With Hubert’s help I have been able to turn the corner on becoming a better trader by not taking trades that I would have taken in the past and also taking trades that ONLY  meet my trading plan, this makes trading a lot less stressful.  There’s no BS with Hubert, he doesn’t try to sell you different indicators and stuff you don’t need, just tells you the truth on what it takes to be successful trader!!

John Y.

I am really looking forward to trading every day with you and your team, as I have already started using a number of setups you have pointed out. I’ve also begun using the squeeze indicator for backup on things I see.

What is most valuable is the live side-by-side trading with successful traders who articulate what they do and why so well. I would recommend that to anyone serious about making money in the markets. I think it’s going to mean more consistent and profitable for me for a long time to come.

So, thanks again to you!

Alex L.


No matter how many books you read nor how many hours you log on your trading platform, there is no substitute for watching professional traders at work. This is my conclusion after six weeks in the live trading room, with master trader Hubert Senters.  I have not found any educational team in the trading world that matches the experience, skills, and talent of Hubert Senters.

One of the most valuable assets of being in the live trading room is being able to see how professional traders handle the same situations that I’ve struggled with: How to trade the open, when to take a trade, trade management once in the trade, and, of course, fear and greed. Trading alongside these pros allows me to compare how they deal with a trade versus what I would have done. This is the best way to identify and correct my bad habits. It’s invaluable to hear the traders think out loud as they measure how to approach a setup. I can’t imagine how I could have gotten this knowledge any other way, possibly cutting years off my own trading journey. It’s been a treat to be able to ask a pro trader questions as I trade and issues come up.

Of all the lessons I’m learning, three stand out:

1) Discipline

2) Patience

3) Don’t overtrade: Take the highest probability setups with which you’re familiar, and put on a big position. Don’t take small trades for a few ticks and rack up your commissions.

As a relatively new trader, I value the variety of teachers’ styles and markets they cover. As Hubert often says, find a market that fits your personality.

There’s much more I could say, but I’ll just end with the most valuable lessons I’ve gotten from:

Hubert: Hubert’s behind-the-scenes knowledge and tricks of the trade, his hallmark setups, his sensitivity to the psychological pitfalls of most traders, sharing his good and bad experiences as a trader, and his example of strength in the face of personal adversity.

Finally, Hubert genuinely cares about my success as a trader. He teaches by instructing, sharing what he knows, both basic and advanced, and then take the trades or not, always explaining why they do what they do.

There are many more examples, but those I’ve mentioned have had the biggest impact on me.

Terry M.


You can see the passion that you all have for trading and wanting members to understand how it works. Since re-joining the room I have done very well. You are very thorough on how you make trades and how they are set up. Anyone that is wanting to trade should no doubt join the room. It is a full learning session the full time you are on. Basically the fee for the room is nothing different than running a regular business or paying tuition for school. I am spreading the word.  Your Good Night Gold Trade is a no brainer. This is just one example of many that members can more than pay for their tuition.

You are like an artist of trading. Trading is actually an art but in a different way. Picasso and Rembrandt just didn’t put colors on fabric and start scribbling. It took a certain blend of colors with much thought to produce a magnificence piece of art. You have to look deep into the picture see what their thought was to see the end result.

You are no different. You see trading thru a different eye than the majority of traders and that is what puts you at top. You have learned to understand the underlying ingredients that make a successful trade. Once you recognize all the ingredients you put it all together and make your trade. The end result is that you’re one of the most successful traders to evolve in this industry. And no one knows more than you the heart break and anguish that you went thru to get there.

I want to thank you for allowing me to have the opportunity to learn from you.

God Bless,

Curt K.

Hi Hubert,

Wanted to thank you for all the help you have given me!

When I first started trading I was learning from a group that was not consistent and just kept taking my money.  I would hit myself in the head with a bat (nerf bat that is:) when I would lose money.

Finally, figured out I needed to learn from real traders that were consistent.  Found you. I stopped the bat hitting. Am consistent and on my way to becoming a full-time trader. I trade futures and options building two accounts.  🙂  Learned to be disciplined and have a trading plan in place.

Thanks again!!

Take care,

Ruby A

Dear Hubert, My name is Roger F. from Monroe, Wisconsin. Someone told me about your website and I joined up for the quarterly classes about 6 weeks ago. Before I joined you I was having a lot of large losses and some small gains. I have learned patience to wait for the right setup. I don’t have any amazing huge profitable trades to tell you about yet, but I have really learned a lot so far. I have taken other classes from different companies-one experience was horrible and the other was okay. I love working with you because of these reasons.  The cost of your class is very reasonable (although that is not the most important). I also appreciate your honesty. I don’t know of any other trading teachers that will tell you 90% of traders lose their account in 3 months.(I think that was the figure you gave). Your honesty is what really impresses me. Also, you seem really sincere about helping people trade. The times I have asked for support the response was very prompt and helpful. I would recommend you because of all the reasons I have mentioned. I have had bad experiences with other trading classes and I have learned the hard way about the crooks that are out there that are ready to take your money with false promises. I think your classes are unique and very, very instructive.    Sincerely yours, Roger F.

I have been watching and listening to Hubert Senters for over a full year now. If you are someone who wants to learn how to take futures trades consistently and with a plan, then you should seriously consider learning under the no-nonsense and honest style that Hubert offers. He is patient, kind and funny at times. No hard core sales pitch either. I would pay particular attention to his Gold and Dow 30 futures trades. He is the real deal!

Bryan C

Thanks for the webinar and all the teachings – great stuff!


Mike V.

Dear Hubert:

I do appreciate all you have done, and continue to do.  Whether you believe it or not, you have been a large factor in my remaining in this industry.  Quite some time ago, you posted on Facebook, a short little video clip while driving in your car, of the 5 steps every trader makes before reaching #1.  That short little video meant more to me than you’ll ever know – it allowed me to realize that I am almost there.  So, Thank You, Hubert.  Thank you.



Hi Hubert,

You have helped me as follows:

Very logical and methodical setups, darvas box, high probability trades, consistent discipline and the wonderful good night gold trades.

Thanks for your help and great guidance.


Lisa E.

Kirk M. here from Hartsburg, Missouri. I’m your average retail trader. I’ve followed the markets my whole life. Won some, lost some. I’ve tried every system and read every book on trading. You name it, I’ve tried it; stocks, options, forex, futures, contracts for difference, real estate, black boxes, black magic, card reading, crystal balls, sold vacuum cleaners door to door, used cars, water systems. I’ve started and run my own businesses. I’m a combat vet and commercial pilot.

I’ve haven’t reached consistency yet but I’m still in the game and with Hubert, for the first time, I feel like I actually have a real chance of getting there, and that’s all I’ve ever really wanted; a fighting chance. My hard-nosed redneck persistence will take care of the rest, I’m sure.

Before I could never sustain confidence in whatever system I was learning and following. Eventually the system would fall apart and there was no follow up or sound advice or support from the purveyors.

But I continued to scrap it out, surviving when others got washed out, like the storm of ’08, but still not getting anywhere. By chance I caught a presentation with John Carter on a TOS chat day presenting Hubert and John’s squeeze indicator.

After learning a few things from Hubert, I was astonished at the bone-headed mistakes I had been making without the key insights to market internals and superior chart and tape reading I learned. Talk about flying blind. I cringe to think how much money I have thrown away not having access to these key tools and concepts. I feel lucky knowing I’ll never make a bone-headed mistake again by trading without these tools and knowledge.

I have recommended the Hubert to friends who have signed up for the service and will continue to do so whenever I have the chance. Probably the most important benefit, as I see it, is the constant emphasis on the psychological aspects of trading. Early on in my trading I knew then that psychology is far and away the most important factor, and these 3 rainmakers didn’t get where they are by ignoring this aspect. It comes through loud and clear in their lessons. The more time that goes by that I trade alongside these guys the more comfortable I get, and the more the fear and greed noise recedes from my decision making. It feels great being part of a community of smart people who are working hard to master the psychology and move forward.

For the first time I truly feel like I’m going to get there and realize my dream of making a living as a trader. Nothing beats the lifestyle and the feeling of independence. I am humbled in the face of the willingness of these folks to go out of their way to help me get where I want to be.

Sincerely and regards……Captain Kirk M.

Hi Hubert.

Just wanted to send you a quick note telling you thanks for your mentoring of us newbie traders like me. I have been with you and the other educators at TTM since day one and based on all that I learned, and a lot of patience and persistence I’m making progress.  I love your gold trades, those alone have kept me in the game.  Soon I hope, I’ll be making it, and be able to quit my day job and be a full-time trader.

Good Trading,

Greg M.