Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at BIIB. Do you see a little short here? So as you can see it’s got a nice little down trend below the cloud and it has worked its way into the kiss of death which means it’s bounced up, touch the cloud and now is rolling back over and about to close below the turning and the standard line so I like it as a short. I think it’s going to take out that $265 area where it closed basically today and it’s going to break through the $255 area and then it should go substantially lower. Let’s see if I can figure out where that’s going to go. Well, I mean that’s almost like $246 initially and then after that we’ll assess after that. So I’ll tell you a little bit of story. You’ve obviously never heard. You’ve heard and never ask a woman if they’re pregnant because you don’t know they’re not. I did one worse than that. I hadn’t seen a buddy of mine that’s a member of one of the masterminds and I mean his name is Josh Cantwell and I hadn’t seen Josh in about a year maybe or maybe a little longer. But when he walked in I’m like man, he looks just vibrant, healthy. Looked like he slimmed down a lot. I was like man you look amazing, Josh. And I was at the bar having a bourbon and I go man, what did you do? New exercise regimen? New diet? He goes ‘’yeah, cancer.’’ I’m like oh, dear goodness, I was like man, I’m sorry. I feel like such an asshole. I was like I didn’t know. He goes ‘’no, nobody did.’’ He said I got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and if you know anything about pancreatic cancer I’ve had family members that’s it’s usually a death sentence, it’s usually a widow maker where if you get it it’s not a very high likely that they’re going to live. He got a rare form of pancreatic cancer where basically I think the tumor was the size of cantaloupe and they just cut it off and he’s good to go and he’s healthy today and it maybe even got kids and all stuff like. I tell you that story because he owns a real estate investment company where he teaches people how to invest in flip houses. And he also has a fund where he will take your money if you want to give it to him. And he’ll manage your money into a real estate investment fund. He’s got a course. So those are the two ways that he teaches people that you can come and do business with him. He is currently in one of my masterminds. He’s a good friend. I like him. I trust him. And a lot of us guys in the mastermind give him money to invest in real estate. There are three really good ways to make money in America in my opinion, trading and investing, own your own business or invest in another business or own some real estate or invest in some real estate. So I’m going to hyperlink you over. He’s got a real small survey. He would like you to take real quick to see if you qualify to learn his information and if you just want to know how many houses have you ever flipped so far zero, one to five or six. And then he’s going to ask you to register for a webinar to learn more about what he does. I’m going to hyperlink to this form. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I will see you on the next video. Hubert.