Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at the markets. Let’s not because here’s why. So hopefully, you have rules like this when to avoid trading. It’s good just to take break so here’s one couple of days that I like to avoid trading. So I go over to Econoday and I hit today’s U.S. announcement. If you trade it in a different country and just click your country, it will give you the same thing. Just scroll down here and I go okay, this is Monday, April 30th, Tuesday, May 1st, Wednesday, May 2nd. And then I scroll down here. Definitely I’m seeing meeting announcement. So for me what I have found is this day on Wednesday. You have about 30 minutes of volatility in the morning and then the market just dries up, okay. On the Tuesday before the Wednesday usually have about 60 minutes and on Monday before the Wednesday then you have about an hour, hour and a half that you can trade. So I tend to go a lot on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday until after the Fed and then I start getting more aggressive so hopefully you have rules like that, that you kind of abide by to keep you out of the markets when you kind of know they’re going to be sloppy and choppy. But anyway, that’s how I do it. Hope it helps. Good luck and I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.