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Gold is On The Move

Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at Gold. We’re looking at Gold futures or you can look at GLD that will be an ETF, it will look almost identical to this on the futures better than a little clinger.

Gold up $21.90 cents as of the recording of this video which was done at 1:35 PM. EST, March 23, 2018. If you’re wondering when the video was recorded.

So gold moved today. It looks pretty good. The ADX still says it’s non-trending. I tend to believe that because it’s kind of a little bit of sideways. Now, it has closed or it looks like it’s going to close above the cloud.

We do have some overhead resistance right here. I’m just going to highlight it for you and you can see it’s right there in the area of $13.60 which means you’ve got about another $15 to $20 points before you get into that overhead resistance if it can get through that then it could potentially get above $1400.

So if you like trading gold or if you’re a gold bug or if you’ve never traded it, start looking at it and start to move around a little bit.

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Good luck. Hope that helps. And I’ll see you on the next video.


Drop Box IPO Trade

Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at Dropbox. The new symbol for Dropbox which just went IPO. Well, it’s one of the happier IPOs we’ve had in a while — actually a company. They’re still burning through money. They’re still losing money but not as bad as some tech companies.

But anyway here’s how you play in my opinion the IPO market. So number one, you never play it the first day. Now, if you’re an angel investor or if you’re an investor in other words if you’re smart money or if your dumb money and there’s a difference in IPO and stuff and angel investing you’re already in this thing effectively at a lower rate.

Now, there is the hold up here, you got the lock up here where you can’t sell for X amount of days depending on where you’re at. So what would usually happen is you’ll have an IPO. We’re going to mark this one right here opened up at around $29.

It went from $29 all the way up within and this is a 1-minute chart. So less than 20 minutes, it went up to $31 from $29 to $31.50. Now, what they usually do — not all the time but this is a good general rule of thumb is if you can get it at $29 divided by $2, that’s a $50 percent discount overall now.

That’s usually how I like to play IPOs. I like to let them either go from the high of $31.59 of their IPO initial day or their opening price. So let’s just take we’ll do both. If you go $29 divided by $2, what is that?

So with that more math we will be looking to buy or enter Dropbox, DBX at a price of around $14.50 cents. Now, if we’re going to go $31.59, so let’s just go $31.60 divided by $2 that’s going to be $15.18. So we’re looking at anywhere from the $14 to $16 range is what we want to pay for this. That way we’re being discount shoppers and we don’t pay the highly inflated price of the IPO.

Now, there’s another way to do it if you’re going ‘’man, what if it goes higher? What can I do?’’ Well then if it takes out $31.59 then you can buy pull back after it breaks through $31.59.

This way it will enable you to still participate in some good volatile moves and IPOs without getting just raked over the coals. So be careful out here.

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Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you the next video.


This Time It Looks Like It Wants to Go a Lot Lower

Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at the Dow this sell-off acts like it’s a little bit more real than the previous ones. Not that the previous ones were not real. I love how people like ‘’the sell-off was not real.’’ Hold on. What’s your definition of real prices actually went lower it’s still a real sell-off.

Now, do you mean it might be a head fake like it might sell-off today and then run up a thousand points tomorrow? That’s something totally different. When you’re looking at a massive move like we’ve had lately so let’s go to a weekly chart and you can see nice little massive uptrend.

But notice that the sell-offs are a little bit more violent. They’ve got a little bit more to them. And this is very common if you haven’t traded for very long. You could have this take however many years we could wipe this out in three months, six months. Very easy on the downside.

The fear gets a little bit out of control on the sell-off sometimes but it’s a good thing if you’re in the trading volatility because it’s good because the wider that ranges the potentially then more amount of money that you can make.

This one out here looks a little bit like it’s got a few more legs. So you can see we ran, we had a nice little sell-off. We didn’t close below the standard line here. We did close below the turning line here and now we’ve just been touching it again. And then today we went back through it.

So, obviously our next support is going to be around $23,000 here on the Dow. Looks like it’s going to get through it. Now, it probably won’t do it by tomorrow unless something really drastic happens but we’ll probably get through it by next week.

And then if we break that $23,000 then we’re probably going to fall all the way to the top of the cloud on the weekly chart. Now, on the daily chart already you might as well be short on this. Now, you’re back below here. So you’ve got one, two, three, four closes below the cloud.

So we could focus on the short side Intraday, you can trade whichever side you want, long or short today obviously it should have been short because most of the system just a nice little sell off was not that hard to figure out. So this one here looks like it’s got more legs associated to it than did this one did. And they’re about equal in size. So be on the lookout for continued moves to the downside with some nice little volatility in momentum.

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Good luck. Hope it helps and I’ll see you on the next video.


This Looks Lower

Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at TAP. All the indexes are down today, so obviously we’re going to pick a short. Now, if you are long check make sure you got protective stop-losses in there and you want to make sure that your thing is not going down more than the market’s going down

In this case scenario, this is a pick that we had on Tuesday as you can see this is this Thursday, that’s Wednesday and that’s Tuesday, Tuesday across below and that looks like a decent short according to our criteria. And you can see two more days of a down movement.

It does have a little support down here in the area of $72.98. I don’t think it’s going to hold. And then after that let’s see on a weekly chart where is this bad boy going to go next. So you do have a little bit of support.

Like I said out there in that area of $73-ish 50. And then after that it should drop down here to $65.

Mark Helweg will be doing a special webinar, Friday, March 23rd, 12PM EST, 3 Momentum Strategies that are working right now in the markets. Mark is my go to guy for systems and indicator development.

He’s one of the smartest guys you’ll meet in the industry. He’s going to walk you through 3 specific momentum trades that are working in the markets right now. I’ll hyperlink you to the page.

Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video.




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