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Is BAC a Buy Here?

Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at Bank of America. Obviously, they report earnings and they surged over 4 percent into overhead resistance of the cloud. So when you’re doing earnings and stuff like this just note we’re supporting resistance it’ll help you out. You can also see that there’s a nice little trend line. I’m just going to point it out to you out there.

There is the trend line it has broken it clearly but you’ve got overhead resistance. So I personally wouldn’t get long Bank of America until it closed above $30 so right here’s the cloud and you can see that’s going to be $299.93 so I’m just going rounded up to $30 right here. I’m just eyeballing it. So I would need anywhere from one to three bars to close above this cloud before myself personally would get long Bank of America.

It’s not a bad move and it was low here. You had it closed above the turning line, standard line and then the cloud but it just needs to get through that cloud in order for me to get bullish on Bank of America anyway.

Hope that helps. And I will see you on the next video.


How to Figure Out Targets on Gap Trades

Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at BIIB, Biogen. Now, when you’re doing stuff on earnings what you will usually get is you will get some of these bigger gaps. I recommend that you don’t initially trade them until the gap has taken place.

In other words, if this was the earnings today and then it gapped up the very next day or earnings release previous or past this gap is what you actually want to take advantage of. You want to take advantage of it before because it’s 50/50. So what I’d like to do is go above this will be a decent long and below this would be a decent short.

Now, there’s one little catch here. There’s always catches and trading. You have to have your rules set up before you place the trade. Do you want to do a trade below $340.66? Because there were a couple of trades there. I’m going to zoom in here that happened below that.

And if you did your short under water or are you waiting for a close blow. So initially until you get used to this, I would say that you’re looking for a close above this initial high at $368.09 and I’m just ball parking on that. Let me get a little bit more accurate $367.71 or a short with a close below $340.

Then you can actually if you’re going to short below $340 you can target half a gut fill on a full gut fill if you’re going to the high side you just gauge how big the distance is from here to here. And then you would go half of that distance would be your first target. And then the full distance will be your full target.

So let me show you here. So basically that’s the entire width of that box. So what you would do is if you went to the high side your long would be initially along with a target the long would be $367 or above long target one, $388, target two would be $407.

Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video.


Will NFLX Hold Here?

Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at Netflix. Had a user asked me a question on what I thought about Netflix? Netflix still looks pretty good. It did sell off today which is Friday when I’m recording this video. But overall it still looks good. If you are long boss the market which market still looks good. I mean you’ve got a very good outlook here on Netflix.

I mean it should hold the $398 area that will be the standard line. If that doesn’t happen you’ve got the top of the cloud and the bottom of the cloud to catch it. And as you can see if I were to draw a trend line there I did it sloppily. Let me grab my trend line so I can draw a little bit better there to here and right there, that’s the trend line.

So if you do get a turning line break what you’ve already got and then a standard line break, your next logical place would be this trend line and then top of the cloud, bottom of the cloud. Overall Netflix looks pretty good. I don’t see anything majorly wrong with it yet. You also have a little bit of support here which would line up well with both the standard line and or this trend line that it’s trying to work its way back to.

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Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video.






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