Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at Tesla. And what we’re going to look at here is the difference between a weak, long and a weak, short and a strong, long and strong, short so. In this example, you can see we have Tesla. And it is a better short at this point that it is a long. So this would be a strong, short on a daily timeframe. Now, you’re going to say ‘’Ok, what if it bounces?’’ So if it goes to bounce and this is on a daily chart it will probably bounce up to $285, so that would be a weak long up to $285. So when you’re doing that type of stuff and I’ll incorporate in like multiple time frame analysis on a 10 minute here. This is a 10 minute long on Tesla but it’s a weak long because we are so far below the cloud. If we do get a relief rally or a little dead cat bounce it’s probably only going to go up to about $285 maybe $304 but the h countertrend trade is a weak long up to overhead resistance, overhead resistance, overhead resistance. So that’s where I’ll look at either strong or weak or a strong or weak short. Hopefully that will help you out. I’ve been asked to be one of the special guests peakers at the Wealth 365 trade, invest and succeed event which is going to take place in April 9th – April 14th. My subject of my talk is ‘’How I made $6281.25  in 10 days risking a grand total of $312.50’’ and I love doing low risk how reward trades if there’s even a thing in trading everything that you do in trading is super risky. But I like taking small calculated stop-loss risks and trying to see if I can to squeeze as much juice out of that lemon as I can. So they’ve also talked us into giving away some free stuff. They’re going to do some drawings, it looks like they have over a hundred thousand dollars’ worth of free prizes and giveaways. All of us that are speaking at this event are giving either a service or product a subscription, indicator, system, whatever. Everybody’s giving a little bit different things. So I have to go over here. Hit REGISTER FOR FREE. And that will take care of you. Good luck. Hope it helps and I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.