Hubert Senters here. Got a question from a viewer Ricardo from the UK. You mentioned that you were going to demonstrate ”Program Signals” at some point. I do have a series of videos on it Ricardo. If you just search on the website. There’s plenty of them. But I’m going to do a quick run through. I am not going to cover it all in detailed because I tried to keep this video short so that you open them and click them and view them. But anyway, I’ll try to be concise as I can. I am very new to the stock market and still learning. I look at your videos on a daily basis. I think that they are great. Have a wonderful holidat. Thank you. regards. Ricardo (UK) Let’s take a look at Program Buying and Sell. So the first thing is you’re going to need some data so this is a futures trade or it can be a market proxy something that moves around with the S&P, the Nasdaq or the Dow futures. It’s designed to be with S&P but you can make it work with the Dow and the Nasdaq too. So in Trade Station the data that I use for this is right here. The data feed that I use for this is cash sign ESINX and you can see this right there. I think it’s either $3 or $10 a month. It’s not that expensive. That’s for Trade Station. For Tos, TOS, it’s going to be /ES-SPX. I quote that thing or put it on a minute chart. Once you got a data feed that has the S&P 500 premuim index these are two popular ones that I use. I may not know your symbol for your data feed you might have to do a little research on Google or with your broker. That’s for everybody out there. I don’t trade on every platforms so I can’t speak about every single one. I wish I did but I don’t have time. What you’re going to do next is you got to know where to get the numbers. We’re going to go over to this website here which is called If you go to the program trading website it will say HL Camp. I talked to them few days ago. And just click on buy and sell. They’re going to update this every morning before the stock market opens up which is prior to 9:30. They usually have it way before 9:30 but you want to to look at it about 9:15, 9:20 and update your numbers. Then you’re going to read this where it says the price level may change during the day. Our computers are set for program buying at $-3.00 and set for program selling at $5.50. So you’re going to go from there. You’re going to take that and then you’re going to move your horizontal lines. I’m going to resize this so that we’re all looking at the same thing. So this is the ESINX and all I do is I make it pretty simple. You can do S&P futures, Dow futures, Nasdaq futures and that is going to be a program buy and this is going to be a program sell. And this is based upon today’s action. Some days are better than others. But what we’ll do I’m going to give you a couple tips. First off throw out the first three minutes. Let it get in at the zone so our zone today is going to be minus $3 but minus $5.50. So then I’ve got a horizontal line here and if that price action of the premium index goes above three green line I will here the following alert. I’m going to play it for you right now and configure I hear this. In session like that I hear one boink and I’m like oh, see the program buy or program sell. What we’re going to do is we’re going to go look at this one. That one’s a program sell. And then here also we had other program sell and then the market kind of got freaky there it had program buys and program sells. And then you throw out the last. Let’s see how many minutes. The last 10 minutes of the market. Don’t pay attention to them. So the first three minutes, leave them alone. Last 10 minutes, leave them alone. They’re garbage. What I’m going to do here in Trade Station I’ve got the ability bring in pointer tracking on the Dow. And this will size it up pretty accurately. We’ll just see right here and see how this one did. I’m going to bring price action of the 1-minute chart of the Dow and then on that program sell the market either started to go lower or it was a bottoming signal so what I’m going to do is I’m going to turn pointer tracking to work space and I’m going to click right there. And then I’m going to back up just a little bit in time. There you go. We can kind of see where at that. Now, you can see this coincides with that right there. And it did in fact it went up a little bit. It actually went lower then up a a little bit and then sold off a little bit more. Let’s see if we can go on the future here and see if we can find another one and they’ll sink up usually so I’m moving my courser to the right and let’s see what we got going on here. Or usually fairly quickly scalp trades but they can develop into something else more substantial. So there were a few right there. You can see right here. Market got a little crazy there so there was a program sell. In that case scenario it signal to dead low. Sometimes they’re reversal signals. For the most part if it’s a program buy I’m buying it really quick. If it’s a program sell I’m selling it really quick. I’m not really thinking about much. This is not normal for program buys and sells so you had sell and then you had another sell there then you had a buy. When you start getting buys and sells on top of each other some weird price action stuff is going on and you should just be careful. But that’s how they works. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.

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