Hubert Senters here. And I am moron. Yesterday, I said it was John Deere. And it’s clearly not John Deere. And a couple of you emailed hey Hubert, he’s a moron. He said JD was John Deere and it’s and John Deere is actually DE. And you are correct I am a moron. I don’t have big enough ego to admit that I’m not a moron. I mess up all kinds of things. It happens. John Deere looks pretty good too. It acts like it want to go to $200. Let’s do both. I just want to confess what a moron I ain’t from time to time to make sure you all know. So low, high, low. So John Deere could potentially if it can hold above this $191 area probably goes to $195 and $199. Now, which I thought was John Deere like a moron. Still looks really good. I still think it’s going to go to $78.51 and then $86.13. Once again I’m a moron. You can record it. Play it back so if anytime in the future that you mess up you can say hey, idiot from Kentucky, red neck dude, he’s a moron too. If he can figure out the stuff out, I got a shot. Good luck. Hope it helps. I’m a moron. See you on the next video. Hubert.