JD Marching Higher

Hubert Senters here. John Deere is marching higher three days above the cloud. It had a nice little test. I like this little trade set-up here. You might like it yourself so you might want to take a look at it there on the side of your screen. So if you look at JD is the symbol for You can see that it was already above the cloud here. And then it entered a short period of consolidation. And then it bounced on the cloud and went into the cloud and bounce right there, pierced it. And then one day out that is an aggressive buy signal one day out of the cloud. Two days is moderate and three is more of a conservative set-up. This is just my opinion of the trade set-up. There’s no such thing as risk free trade. This speculation is all risky. But anyway looks pretty good. I think it’s going to go higher. So if we were to go one, two, three might give us some targets it might have already cleared a lot of them. So when you a see a thing like that what you can do is you can go this is the low obviously and then you have to figure out another high so you’re going to make this up on the fly in order to make the extension work because when you have low, high, higher low it’s already surpassed those. So back on the thing you can do is you got to pick a lower low so you can go one, two and then you could go right there. That would make it work. I think they’re going to be perfect for this. But it’s workable. Point one. Point two. Point three. Next target for John Deere is $78 and $86. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.

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