Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at all the little pretty colors that I got on the screen so black is the background. This is supposed to be red but it’s kind of brownish color and it is supposed to be blue or green but it’s a grayish color. But anyway, this the Ichimoku cloud. I’m going to walk you through and label the things that are on here because we’re doing a special webinar this Monday and all of the stuff.

This is the cloud, CLOUD and then the yellow line here which is closest to the price action. We’re going to call it the turning line which is the fast line. And then on the one that’s the purple or magenta we’re going to call it the standard line or the medium line.

I’m going to be doing a special webinar Monday on the best FREE indicator in the world. I wish I could do it like world. I just did it. There we go. Anyway, I’ll HYPERLINK you to the form.

Good luck. Hope it helps. Have a great weekend. See you on the next video.