Hubert Senters here.

Let’s go through some basics of Ichimoku. So let me make sure I got the right color ink on my pen which I do not so let me change it to pen color. Let’s go white ink on back. It look like old school chart board. So there’s a bunch of different stuff on the chart. And it can look a little bit intimidating at first.

Don’t pay attention to this one. This is the ADX. Actually, let’s do this. Let’s just get that sucker out of the way. I will just remove the ADX so it will not confuse you so. I will come up here. I will go format analysis techniques. I will then status off the ADX because that’s a different tool for a different thing.

So we got a lot of different lines and they are all fairly important and you need to know what they are all trying to tell you what to do. On Ichimoku the first thing is one of the big theories, the big number one you need to take away, whatever you’re trading in. In this example, we’re looking at Apple, AAPL. This is a daily chart. You can get whatever time frame you want.

This thing right here is called the cloud, CLOUD. Now, it works better when you use it with candlesticks. You can use it with bars too but candlesticks will go a lot better. Above the cloud when it crosses above the cloud. I am going to use a hashtag. Whatever the thing you’re looking at in this case Apple is above the cloud that’s more bullish than bearish so we want to stay on the long side of Apple as long as we can.

Now, if Apple comes down here and starts going one, two, three or more days or one to five bars depending on your particular strategy then we could get bearish or we could start to short Apple as an investment so that’s the first thing. If it’s above the cloud you want to stay long if you can okay. You want to focus mainly on longs.

Once your thing gets below the cloud, I’ll back up here in time a little bit. Once you’re below the cloud heads up, you want to try to stay short as long as you can. And that’s your first lesson on Ichimoku.

I’m going through all the ins and outs of how to use this FREE indicator which I believe is one of ‘’THE BEST FREE INDICATORS ON THE WORLD,’’ the universe. Is there anything better than universe? I’m sure there is. I’m just not a star guy. I have to ask my son. Anyway, Monday, May 13th 8PM EST. Register. I’ll see you then.

Good luck. Hope it helps.