Hubert Senters here.

In the last video we were talking about the cloud which is this thing that changes colors. Transition is brown and gray but a lot of times they are red and blue or green. The color from earlier not that important. You can configure to be whatever color you want to look at.

Above the cloud is bullish. Below the cloud is bearish. The second thing that you need to understand that is like a real time support and resistance tool that you’re going to use over your career so it’s going to act like a fluffy little cloud. That’s why we call it the cloud like right here.

It’s going to act like support or after the support fails it will then act like resistance so that’s when we’re going to be long up in here and we’re going to buy when it touches the cloud and we’re going to confirm that with some lower time frames so that we don’t get hurt. And then if we go here and we go here and go forward. Here we go.

Now, you can see this is short crossing above it and now long. So in this instance, we’re waiting for Apple to kind of come down here and touch either the top or the bottom of the cloud and then we’ll confirm that with a smaller timeframe so that we’re not just guessing. In other words, we’re not just going to buy at $190 for the heck of it. We actually want it to touch there and turn around in a smaller timeframe. I tend to use like a 10 minute or a 60 minute for that as opposed to just mind there for no good reason.

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Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video.