Hubert Senters here. We were talking about this one in the last week. Zoom technology is like GotoWebinar which I know we still use but I know tons of people like to use them. A lot of people are a fan and everybody is using Zoom to telecom on so it’s screaming higher. Its’s probably going to go north of $200. One of the very few that looked good to the high side. Citrix, CTXS which is one of their main competitors is not doing as well. I would stick to Zoom it looks really good. Now, one thing I’ve been using to help me stay on the right side of the market which is mainly been to the down side has been a tick indicator that was developed by Mark Helweg. I use this in the day trading room all the time. And I’ve been using it for intra-day trading for decades. It’s a great indicator. It’s very hard to use until you get used to it. I use this one right here and I’m always looking for the extremes and the ratios and I’m looking for where the supporting resistance is. It takes a little while but you’re used to using this. It’s basically the number of things up ticking versus the number of things down ticking. It’s the NYSE tick.  I use it intra-day. It is the best market internal by far for anything out there and once you know how to use it, it will give you a distinct edge in my opinion. Mark Helweg is going to be doing a webinar. Mark is always smarter than me making this stuff. I use the old-fashioned and here’s the title ‘The Secret NYSE Indicator that Predicted the Corona Selloff!’ Learn to decipher the clues in the NYSE tick Sentiment. He’s taking like how we use it here internally. And he’s made it an indicator. Let me show you what it looks like. So there’s a couple of different looks that you can use to this thing. I use it on the bottom here. It’s the delta, it’s the difference. And as you can see right here, it went from green, there was red, there was red and then here you have your second red and then after that you have your nice little selloff. That’s $223 and $225 and then eversince this has been red which is telling you did short, stay short and see if it can hold on as long as you can. He’s got one of the pinks on top of it too. I’m sure he’ll show you that one. I like looking at the candles. But anyway, he’s got a webinar coming up Wednesday, March 25th on this very thing. I’m going to HYPERLINK you through the registration page if you’re struggling with the volatility in which way to go this thing will help you out a lot. This is the better way to stay in this direction as opposed to getting whipped all around. Good luck. Hope it helps. I will send you to the registration page. Hubert.