Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at AMD. The best advice I can give you is make sure you’re protecting your portfolio and the short side is definitely the easier route to go nowadays. Just short something. Everything is falling from the skies. It’s going to get probably much worst before it gets better. Probably eight weeks out of any meaningful bounce at a minimum but AMD is holding up pretty well. I mean overall market got smoked again today. And it was only down 1.54 percent or 0.57 cents so AMD is holding up well. I would avoid stuff like, you know, airlines, hotel, stocks , cruise lines, stuff like that because if the government does build the amount then they’ll stop the holt of trading or they’ll start jumping up because of that. Just be careful on those things if you are short with those and you might want to cover them. I personally what I’m doing is I’m going flat during the weekend time because I don’t like the risk from Friday’s close until Sunday evening’s open. And then you can initiate a trade on Sunday evening. There’s enough volatility that you don’t have to take the risk over the weekend. On Sunday and Monday it will be up for 500 points in one direction or the other.  Trade Thirsty is putting on a multi-speaker event ‘Toasted Trader Special Edition, Coronavirus Collapse: Top Trader Share Their Strategies.’ It starts Saturday, March 21st at 8AM EST. Fill in the information, hit YES!Save My Spot! I will HYPERLINK you to this registration form. Hubert.