Hubert Senters here. I want to get your opinion on something. I read the story it looked like it came out June 22nd. Day Trader tries out demo platform ends up with an actual $5 billion with a B position. And then after that he decides to sue the bank or the brokerage firm to try to get his profits in that position so. Basically, what’s happened here is the bank or the brokerage firm give him the Day Trader a demo account. The guy trading on it thinks it’s a demo. It’s not a demo. It’s real. He ends up in a $5 billion position and he scored $12 million in profits. And then he decides to sue either the bank or the brokerage firm for the $12 million in profits that he just made himself. What’s your feelings on this? Do you think he should be paid on that? Or is it total BS? I will tell you how I stand on. Yeah. Great. Would you have paid the bank $12 million in fake losses if you found out that it was true then? No. Of course you wouldn’t do that. Now, it’s the bank and the brokerage firm’s fault for giving him a real account and thinking they were giving him a normal account. That’s definitely on them. They need to tighten up the risk at the risk department around there. But for me I think it’s total BS but I would love to know your opinion. Hit reply let me know what do you think? Should he be owed some money on his fake trade on his demo account that he thought was demo and then later found out was real? Or should he get zero dollars? I would love to know your opinion on the thing. For me I think it’s a little bit crazy. I think it’s a little bit crazy when the lady sued McDonald’s for when she burned her inner thighs with a coffee because she didn’t know the coffee was hot. Heads up if you’re ordering coffee unless you’d order it cold. It’s going to come to you piping hot but that’s just me. So while you’re replying to that e-mail I want to tell you about a promotion that I will be a part of. It’s the Wealth365 event. I’ve been asked to be one of the speakers over there. It’s happening July 16th to July 21st. Special celebrity guest speaker Kevin Harrington which is one of our business masterminds and Rob was able to secure him there. So that’s going to be good. They are going to have a jam packed session 80 plus speakers six days, 10 different topics and subject matter. And they’re being given away $120,000 in gifts and or prizes. I’m going to HYPERLINK you to this button here. Just click register then it will register you for the event. Also don’t forget reply and let me know is the Day Trader that sue in the firm is total BS or should he get some? Let me know. I want to know your thoughts on it.