Hubert Senters here. Let’s walk through one of my heroes in the trading room which is Ray Dalio, Paul Tudor Jones, Jr. He’s got a very nice book. It is a tough read. It’s not tougher. It’s just a long read. There’s several different ways that you can get. I’m going to show you an easier way to digest the information if you like entertainment. So number one you could use kindle audio books 1959. I did not have the physical copy to so you could do that will speed it up. I mean it’s a lot. Let me see how many page it’s got. It’s fairly thick. It’s got 16 hours. I mean the hardcover here. Let’s see with the hardcover was. The hardcover in pages, 592 pages right there. It’s going to take you a while to read it. But there is an easier way to digest this information what you’re going to do is go over to YouTube. So you’re going to go over to YouTube and just search his name, Ray Dalio and then see here Principles For Success by Ray Dalio. And if you go there he’s got a little animated series of Principles For Success. It’s about 30 minutes total. I think it’s broken down to eight different subjects or little videos which is really good. I enjoy every vibe and sharing with everyone. I’ll hyperlink you to that so you can see it. Go watch it. It’s a much easier and more entertaining way to digest the information. I’m going to HYPERLINK you through it, spending sometime this week and just go through it. And I think you really enjoy it. Hubert.