Hubert Senters here. I got a question from a viewer on what laptop or laptops do I recommend for trading. So first, you’ve got to answer a few questions. Number one, are you going to be a Mac person or a PC person? I mean for me personally we have tons of Macs around here but when we trade, we trade almost extensively on PCs. And if you’re a Mac person don’t be a hater here. There’s just not a whole lot of platforms that program for Macs for the professional trading community so you all withdrew with. I usually have a Macbook Pro when I travel either a 15 inch or a 13 inch and I install Windows on boot camp with it so I can boot up in windows. That’s a way you can do it. It’s a little bit harder. It’s more of a pain in the ass than just getting the Windows box or Windows laptop so three really good websites that you can check out. Number one, wirecutter. They’re pretty good for recommendations on that stuff. Number two, PC Magazine and you can look at that and just do. Hold on, I’ll find the specific link. So on wirecutter then you just going to go over here to electronics and then you’re just going to go to laptops. If I can find it there go laptops. And, you know, the best laptops for ultra-books is going to be an XPS13 if you want a bigger screen. I would get an XPS15 whether it is Dell XPS15. If you’re going to do a Mac obviously, I do with a Mac Pro versions either the 15 or the 13 has got a lot more power and if you’re going to have two different operating systems on it you’re going to need it. And then there’s the other lightweight stuff you can go with. I’m trying to think the other model that Jeannette’s about to get. So here you go, here’s a write-up on wirecutter just on the best laptops Dell XPS13. Make sure you get a fast SSD hard drive and max it out with as much RAM as you can afford to get so there’s the XPS13. There’s the MacBook Pros. You don’t need to touch part don’t get it’s worthless. And then down here you have the Asus Zen books a little bit cheaper and then down here you got a couple others, ASUS. And then there’s one that was a business book. I’m trying to find it because I know there’s the Dell XPS15 and Jeanette’s getting ready to get this one on here but she wants a lot of ports on her machine. So she’s going to be getting – I’m going to find it here. I know I just recommend to her. It’s a Lenovo not the yoga. It’s a better one than that. Hold on, I’m about to find it. There I find it. It’s Lenovo think pad X1 Carbon super lightweight. It’s 14 inch notebooks, got all kinds of ports. It is a little bit on the Expensify expensive side but it’s great battery, great build quality and good stuff. I wouldn’t use it for video editing stuff like that but it’ll get you through in a pinch for all that other power user stuff. Now, for computers we just use Dells around here. I have used the custom built trading machines. Almost all of them are unstable. Not all of them but usually we have problems with those but we’ve never had any problems with our good old Dells. And you slap some graphics cards in there so you can have six or eight or 12 monitors and you’re good to go so easy pick on those. I’m a little bit of a research fanatic and my family always makes fun of me. I’m cool with it though. So these are three websites I’d like to use for technology. It will be wirecutter and then a PC Magazine if you want to their recommendations you can go reviews, editor’s reviews. And then there you can pick from that you can do what other subject matter you want and if you’re looking for editor’s choice then you look for the best laptop. And then also seen it has some really good best laptops of 2018. Those are three websites I recommend wirecutter, PC Magazine and CNET. I’ve been asked to be a special guest speaker at Wealth365. July 16th to July 21st event. Click REGISTER to join that. It is free. The keynote speaker is going to be Kevin Harrington. He’s one of the members of our mastermind. And Rob was able to secure him. They’re going to have a jam packed session 80 speakers over six days, 10 plus topics and they’re giving away $100,000 dollars in free prizes. I’m going to lead you over there. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.