Hubert Senters here. Let’s go through one of the best chart patterns that I think works on almost every market out there. Good old-fashioned Fibonacci and it’s on almost every single platform out there. So what you’re going to do is you were first going to find something that is in a major uptrend in this example we have in NFLX which is Netflix. And then what you got to do is the number one rule when you’re looking to buy pullbacks with Fibonacci is you got to pick your spot where you’re going to draw your low or you’re going to go this low or are you going to go that low. And it really has to do with what’s your overall objective. Are you trying to do a long term investment on Netflix if that’s your criteria then what you’re going to do is grab your Fib tool and go from this most recent low down here like in April and go from there to there and then you’d look for a pull back. And what I’m doing this is I’m just draw line from start to finish. And then I’m looking for this thing to pull back down here to Netflix and then buy it in this area out here. Now, if you’re going to do a quick little small swing trade and you’re not going to want to risk a lot of money then you’re going to pick a tighter or higher most recent low. So I would pick this low right here so I’m going to draw it with my red ink here first. So I’m going to go Fib one, Fib two and I’ll bet it’s going to end up being about $400 area, $4 or $50 percent retracement. Now, when you’re using Fibs don’t go crazy. Don’t use every single one. It gets crazy and there’s lines everywhere and then once there’s lines everywhere. Heck, they all work. So there you go. So in this example, we would be having a move from this most recent low to that most recent high. And then we want to let it drift down here into this zone from $404 to $400 and then that would be the buy. Our stop will be slightly below that. And then you just reverse it to the high side which I’m going to cover in the very next video. Hubert.