Hubert Senters here.

Let’s go over the rules to follow for IPOs. Number one never trade them. They’re usually a waste of time. Now, that’s true for most of them. But what I like to do on IPOs is just avoid them at first out because if you think you’re going to get the next Apple or Amazon or Google or stuff like that heads up, you don’t have to buy it on the first day.

I’ve done warrants. I’ve done IPOs. I’ve done most of that stuff. It turns out usually as a disaster because you suffer from fellow. The fear of missing out like you’re going to miss a move. Trust me Google, Amazon, Apple all that stuff. You’ll have plenty of time to buy. You don’t have to buy at the initial release date and think about like you’re never going to make any money on those things.

So what I like to do is give it a shot and see what happens. And usually they’re usually terrible right off the bat so what we do is we mark the high. In this case, it’s $44.87. This is over obviously. The company just supposed to burn through cash so it’s not even profitable. And that’s the high mark $44.87. And this is where it opened up at $42 so what I’d like to do is I just call them the Kmart blue light special ladies and gentlemen so we take $44. We divide that by two. Cut it in half.

So we’re going to be looking to buy at about $22.50. And the $42 number is from the open. The open and the high of the IPO today. And that’s going to be about $21. So basically the area that I would buy Uber at this point would be about $21 to $22. So it’s going to have to obviously drop a lot more before I get interested in this situation. Okay. Now what if it goes higher. Well, I can always rebuy it back through $44.87 so that’s how I like to trade on my own. It’s not for everybody. Some people loves gambling their money away. Me, I kind of like protecting it in making an educated risk as opposed to just a wild asked gamble so be careful with IPOs. They are notoriously known for wiping people out so be careful out there.

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Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video.