Hubert Senters here.

Let’s a look at the bund, the euro bund. It just sound sexy to trade in international market. It’s no different than any other market though. Anyway, the bund is closing above its turning line. Looks like a decent long. There you can see it. Next target will be in the area of $163.95. And then also the TY crossed back over today. It’s above its turning line headed to its standard line probably crossed above the cloud the next one to three days. Same type of trade that we did earlier. We’ll zoom out here.

Well, look at your own chart. I’m messing this video. Hold on. There you go. There’s the 60 minute. The last 60 minute trade that we did we were short from here to there and now we got another 60 minute trade. Now, we’re long this creature here and we’re going to try to ride this thing up to around $122.16-ish if we can and maybe even the $122.20.

Once again you do not have to have a big huge account in order to do this stuff. This is just a one lot on the bund and as you can see at one point today, I was up $475. I’m only up $305.37 on a one lot. And then also the 10 year trade is right here. 10 year trade now I’ve already got a break even or higher stop on all these things. At one point I was $500. Right now, I’m only up $375 and there is a stop-loss.

I’m going to be doing a webinar on this stuff tonight. I’m going to hyperlink you to that page. Click that big yellow button that says register for webinar. Actually let me see what it does say. Hold on just a second. I knew it said something. CLAIM MY SPOT NOW, Wednesday, March 6th at 8PM EST. That is the webinar and I will see you tonight on the webinar.