Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at WLTW. Sounds like a radio station, Willis Towers Watson Pub Limited. Anyway, it’s got an island reversal. Island reversal is where it’s going up and then you just got this island up here big gap up and gap down the other direction so it’s not the most common trading platform with candlesticks.

But it’s pretty powerful. It’s usually an island reversal. It goes out here, spends a little time and then goes the opposite direction so pay attention to and just track this trade. It’s going to be probably a decent short. And if you just use our good old-fashioned bracket trade. It’s a short already so if you just did a bracket right here without it being an island reversal, right.

An island reversal is just going to jump up here and then it’s just out here by itself and then boom the next day it’s either up here or back down here and it’s usually back down the other side to qualify for an island reversal but track that trade and keep some notes on it and add it to your tool box, WLTW. Sounds just like a radio station. The 60 hits coming at you even more. No. I’m just joking.

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