Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at Tesla. It did have a nice little bounce today. We’ve already got our pre-determine targets on here. I’ll show you exactly how I’m getting those in just a second. The first target is $1,624 that was met today. Next target $1,741, $1,931, $2,121 and $2,238. It’s pretty easy. I’m going to remove this from this. And what I’m going to do is re-apply them. I’m going from this low click once. Drag it up here click twice. And then drag it right here click three times. Low, high, higher low. Target one, target two. Now, it brings you back down here for you. There you have it so $1,727, $1,912, $2,096 and $2,211. It’s already hit this number which was $1,612. Hubert.

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