Hubert Senters here. I have a question form Jack. Hubert, I have been following you for many years and you have been influental in introducing me to Ichimoku, to which I am indebted to you. While listening to your presentation during the Wealth365 conference last week, I believe I heard you state that you would not go long (or short) in forex unless the 10 min, one hour, and daily all lined up in the same direction (either above or below the cloud). No. I will. I have no problem doing that. It would be going against one of the timeframes. But I would do that. The way that it came out on the back testing where it was profitable on 29 different currencies was if you stayed on the right side of that. If you want to increase your perceived edge in order to be profitable on those 29 currencies that we tested against that would be the way to do it. But I’ve got a daily signal that’s going up. And I’ve got a $60 that’s pointing down and a 10 minute that’s pointing up. Depending on what time I’m going to trade. Which one I’m going to pay attention. I would do both. I just know going against the longer term like the daily or the $60. If I’m in 10 minute I’m only going to be in for a day trade. I’m not going to hold for several days probably in most cases. Hopefully that makes sense. But yeah, you’re going to be better off if you get all three of them and two line up. I will never say I would never do something because I trade all different directions, all different times though I’m pretty open to what I’ll do. My question is did I hear you correctly, and if so does this also apply to stocks, etfs, options, etc.? Same thing with stocks and options. I try my best to stay on the right side of those three timeframes but I will go and then even if all three of them do not line up. I want the two or three kind of line up. And then there are rare cases especially outliers where just lose its mind intra-day and the longer term still staying long and so as the $60 but the 10 minute is crashing then I’ll short that. I don’t have problem with. But I know the risk that I’m associated when I do that. Great question Jack. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.