I’m going to do a two part video here today. So first let’s take a look at Tif, TIF. It’s breaking loose to the high side. One of the biggest percentage gainers today. And it’s been kind of wacky so it looks weird. Add it to your watch list. I’m not saying it’s going to go higher. But man it looks like it. But it’s kind of bipolar because it’s got this crazy little price action going on. It’s just odd. I just thought it was interesting. Now for the second part. Question from Liz. How do yo gauge risk/reward and stop losses properly in the emini S&P when the market gets volatile? My stops are often too tight and I get stopped out before the market goes in the anticipated direction but if I have a large stop loss (risk) then I can’t get the ratio on my reward right. I’m risking 2 dollars to make 1 for example. Any help? Thanks. I would increase that to if you’re going to risk one try three to five. That will make it so that your stop-loss if it get hits that won’t wipe you. I also have a three stock rule. So if I have two or three consecutive losers in a row I just stop. Now, one thing you can do is these are just some general tips. If you trade smaller size you can usually trade a bigger stop. So if you use all of those that should help you and another thing I would do on the emini is try to figure out the direction that the market. And I call it a her. Try to figure which way she’s going and then go with that as opposed to you half until always try to figure it out on a fly which you do have to figure it out on fly a little bit and just listen to the market. And watch the market internals like the ticks, the program buying and selling, the price action and the time and sells. It will give you a good enough edge that you can say hey, long side, it doesn’t look great today but down side makes a little more appealing based upon the momentum. And as you learn to trade the markets and go with the flow they have a tempo and a taste with them. And every day is a little bit different but the longer you trade you will get better at it. But I wouldn’t do a risk reward one to two. I would risk one to make it at least three to five or five to ten. It will put the edge back in your camp. Now, that being said let’s talk about a little bit of risk in the angel investing in Silicon Valley. When you do that stuff it’s all risks. But they also come with some big rewards to it. Good friend of mine Kamal Ravikant starting up a new fund. I would say he’s first couple of funds. I’ve given any money and he’s made me a really good return. And he might be able to do it for you too. I’m having him on a special webinar this Thursday at 7PM EST. I will HYPERLINK you to this. Bring your questions anything related to investing in companies as a seed investment and angel investing rounds Silicon Valley. Any of that high tech stuff you’re interested like hey, how did you get in this, that another thing? And he’ll walk you through how that stuff works. I’m going to HYPERLINK you to the registration page. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.