Hubert Senters here. Got a question from a viewer. I don’t know the name because I don’t have it. Why has the gold/silver stalled and what is your forecast on that matter? Thanks. Anytime anybody tells you something that’s happening in the market they don’t know it for a fact. It’s just a guess. We call it the swag in long range shooting and swag stands for scientifically wild guess. That’s what swag stands for like you’re going to walk that round into the target. With gold and silver let’s take a look at them. Let’s do independently. Let’s start with gold first. So gold with the ADX I can tell you what the indicators are telling you. ADX is saying it’s non-trending since the ADX drop below $20 right here at the bottom. It’s going to tell you that it’s non-trending. That’s one of the technical reasons.  And you can see it’s above the cloud and it has been trading sideways. If you look at silver, silver’s got basically the same pattern going on it. Silver is also non-trending. Now, if I were to guess which is everybody else does on TV it would be because the situation of the economy and the election. Once we got the election out of the way the market will tighten up right before the election. And it will simultaneously do two things. It will tighten up and I’ll get more volatile. The market hates uncertainty. If they know who the person is for the next four years they’d be like ok, we know what we’re doing. So that’s what’s messing with gold and silver in my opinion for me technically. If it is below the cloud I’m going to short. If it’s above the cloud I’m going to go long it. But I do need to have some trending momentum behind me. And this thing is going hey, you can try to short me here. But probably I’ll just going to burn through your cash. So for that reason I would wait until the ADX climb above $20 to let me know that it’s back in trend mode. But as far as like anybody no one why market is not moving nobody really knows. It’s a supply demand issue and it’s an open market auction theory is how it’s working. We are all competitively vying for the bid and the ask on this market as an entire economy and a group of traders and investors and speculators and long term trader. That’s all played out in these price charts. But nobody ever no knows. I would think it would be the covid situation and we’re waiting on the election to be able so gold can decide what it want to do with itself. I’m going to be doing a special webinar Thursday, October 29th at 7PM EST with my good friend Kamal Ravikant. If you’ve ever wondered how silicon valley works like if you’re going to invest in uber and you didn’t know to do that. And you didn’t even know it’s possible Kamal’s done that type of stuff. He’s got a really good track record in his first couple funds. I know because I was in them. I’ll be putting money in his new fund. So if you’re a credit investor and you want to listen you don’t have to be accredited to listen. Come over and checkout Kamal on Thursday. I’ll be asking bunch of questions. You’d get some education. I’ll get some education. And then if you want to be a part of his next fund you can. I’m going to HYPERLINK you to the registration form. Click CLAIM YOUR SPOT NOW to register for the webinar. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.