Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at Intel. Index futures are all over the place. One day they’re up $350 points the next day they’re down $700 points. So be careful on index futures right now. You may want to go in something that you and I’m doing air quote in the air quote unquote safer or boring. So Intel right now says it’s non-trading because ADX is $13.86 but at least it’s not whipping around like crazy. You can trade stuff like. I mean Intel Cisco something like that that has a very low beta but it’s almost like hiding in the boring. It looks pretty good. Intel if it can get through this most recent area right here I am going to call it $53.22 to say $54 then it could potentially go as high as $60 and the semis are rallying right now so it’s not a bad place to be so take a look at INTC, Intel for a quote unquote air quote. There’s no such thing as safe in the world. And there is definitely nothing safe in the trading world. I’m just saying based upon the volatility that we’re seeing. Good luck. Hope it helps. And see you on the next video. Hubert.