Hubert Senters here. Was it last week? It was in a previous video office two days or a week ago. We were talking about Micron so I want to do a follow-up on it because it worked pretty good. I think you need to be aware of the situation how to handle it. So we had Micron Technologies sold off didn’t touch the cloud but we were timing that bad boy with a 10 minute where you could about hear or you could about hear and then confirming our entering with a 60 minute. So if you went on the 10 minute you got in a little early, if you went on the 60 minute you just got in today so that’s the situation. And that’s off on some good swing trades to take. It’s not always just above or below the cloud. It’s also working its way back to a support area and then using a smaller time frame to kind of massage my entry with Ichimoku. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.