Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at PCG on a daily chart. This is PGNE. Famous known from the movie with Julia Roberts where they had the hexavalent in their in their water. Great movie if you’ve never seen it. So they’re under fire now. Potentially, mainly they caused the wildfires in California and so they’re in hot water again.

It’s not going to be great for the stock regardless if they are not responsible. So as bad as this seems it looks like this thing is going to go substantially lower depending on what they are and are not responsible for. And when you’re a trader when you look at this stuff I know it sounds a little evil but this is a good looking short technically and not just because of this.

But you can see that it just continues to drop after it dropped below the cloud. It physically jumped the cloud and then gap down and then sideways and then gap down again and then sideways and now it’s gapping up. There’s a lot of gap downs regardless of what’s causing it.

If you want to pick this thing up at a discount it’s probably going to go substantially lower. It’s just always had some bad stuff associated with it if we look back here on the weekly charts. Nothing really happening good since you know mid or early 2000, mid 2017. And then ever since then it’s just in freefall.

So if you are long some PCG make sure you have a stop-loss. If you’re not long. I would wait for it to drop further. It’s probably going to drop below $10 and then you potentially think about picking it up as a buy. New yea, new time, time to make money if you didn’t make enough money in 2018,  that happens. You’re probably just doing something wrong.

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Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video.