Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at Netflix, NFLX. It’s had a nice week’s run. It had only one down day in there. That’s pretty impressive. In contrast with what’s been going on with the entire market. This is actually stronger than the overall market.

When you compare Netflix to the Nasdaq at NQ you can see that the Nasdaq is still below the cloud. But Netflix hold on I can’t type. NFLX. Netflix is actually acting like it wants to get above the cloud. Once it gets above the cloud. It will be a decent buy. It’s actually not a bad buy right now.

Technically, if you want to take a little bit more risk on the side of the trade if it gets above the cloud I’ll let it get above there by. And then my targets will be in the area of like $380 with a stop-loss of probably about $300 so add Netflix to your potential list of long things.

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