Hubert Senters here. So this software or URL should have a scanning features that should help us out here. So we go Charts & Tools right hand side down here we’re going to go to Predefined Scans. Here we go this right here. All you have to do is just left click here and that’s going to give you Gap Ups or Breakway Gap Ups or Runway Gap Ups. All three of those qualify. And then obviously they’re going to have the downside too. Gap Downs, Breakaway Gap Downs, Runawau Gap Downs. They’re two different scans. There’s three different scans. Gap Ups and Gap Downs. Breakaway Gap Ups and Downs and Runaway Gap Ups and Downs. That will give you a whole list of things that you can scan for your bracket trades. Pretty simple. All you have to do is just come over here. And then you look at it. You can look at the chart here. Pull up the chart. And as you can see it’s breaking away to the high side there. You’re going to have to filter it out for a lot of penny stocks and stuff like that but this is a FREE piece of software online. They’re going to add you to death down here to the bottom and the side so you’re going to have to deal with that. It’s FREE so what do you expect. Or you can get something like ThinkorSwim or TradeStation or something else. Right now, in the midst of covid everybody is turning into online businesses. If you don’t know how to be a speaker you’re going to have a hard time. You can do e-commerce and stuff like this. This is my opinion. One of the better models. It’s the education model or the story telling model. You do have to have some kind of story to tell if you don’t know how to extract that these people will help you to do that. I’m really close friends with Mindie and her husband that passed away in 2019 Sean. One of the nicest guys in the world. Biggest heart in the world. And they’re going to have some people to teach you how to turn your knowledge into a story and speak from either the stage or webinars and then how to turn that into profits. And you guys are familiar with this. You see a lot of us guys in the educational space for trading do that like we’ve tell you a story, we teach you what we’re doing and we try to sell you something. Same type of stuff but maybe like you’re into accounting or you’re into sales or you’re into whatever you’re into like. I am going to HYPERLINK you over there. Go check it out and see how you like it and let me know. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.