Hubert Senters here. In yesterday’s video we were talking about Fibonaccis on what they are and how to use them for retracements and or pullbacks. And in this example we’re going to dig a little bit deeper on this. So this is Nvidia. Now, what you can do is you can just go from we’re going to start drawling from here and end it there so the pullback area that would be interested in Nvidia is $436 to $430. Now, you can use this also for intraday chart. So this is a daily chart of the Dow. I’m going to change it to a 2-minute because a 2-minute on the Dow a lot. You can also use this intraday. You don’t have to just use this for swing trade. You can use it for daily, weekly, monthly charts. You can also use it for intraday charts. In this area what I would be looking for is this right here. This one is probably going to fit. I’ve done enough of them that I can usually just eyeball it. But I would go low here, high there and then I would grab my tool. If you just had a dirty thought that’s on you not me. Right there. So start here, in here pullback right there and then there’s the second entry. This one didn’t work as well as that one but this one worked pretty good. So low, high, pullback right there and then a quick little pop there. And if you want to do the second one you can probably just stopped out on. You can do the same thing to the reverse side of things. If you’re sitting here and saying ok, we’ll be the reverse side. Let’s say we’re going to shift to the short side. I would zoom in here like this and then I would just go one, two. This would be one, two, bounce. Perfect ambush and then roll over. That’s how you do it. I hope that helps you out. You may or may not have something to share with someone as far as your story goes or your ability. In order to do that you need some training on how to speak from the stage or on the webinar format. I know the people that are putting on this FREE event. I’m going to HYPERLINK you to it. There’s no cost associated to it. Go over and check it out. You’ve got some really good speakers. I know Sean and Mindie personally. Really good human beings. Go over and check it out. And if you’ve got something to share with the world or if you have a special skill that you know how to do better than other people on how to do you can get in to the education business on the speaking business. I’m going to HYPERLINK you to that registration page. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.