Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at the markets. Obviously, the markets are closed in observation of George Bush’s death. So if your prices are not moving that’s not a loss so don’t freak out. What are your jobs as a trader or a professional trader or an aspiring trader? Let’s just call you all traders or let’s just call you readers or viewers, right.

If you’re trying to figure out which price action is going to be a little bit more conducive to you figuring out you want it to be more pure and less confusing. Here’s what I mean I’m saying that. Sounds really confusing. So you see how we went vertical from here all the way up to here above the cloud.

And then we sold off by the heat under points. When it jumps above the cloud. You want to get long but you won’t let one, two or three days go by and you want this lagging line to be going with you. In this case in the Dow that didn’t happen. But if you look at the Nasdaq, the Nasdaq’s just a little bit more technically pure in this essence.

It’s still going down. It went vertical into the belly of the beast which is the cloud. I will start calling this thing the dragon just to confuse people so you can see it bounced up into the dragon’s belly and then sold off and it’s closing below the turning line which implies it’s trading a little bit more cleaner.

And then the S&P and the Dow is so it’s your job to figure that out. Pick that thing and trade that thing versus the other thing that is not trading as technically pure as the other thing. And I sound like a politician while I just said that. That’s just terrible.

I’m going to be doing a live on ‘’ The 1% Club’’ webinar again on this secret account deposit address. So far you can see. Now, some of these are duplicates so don’t take this. I was thinking that’s a total of 89,000 or 8,900. I think there’s around 5,000 unique in there. Anyway, some of you are registered two or three times what’s making that number go up.

There’s been 8,973 viewers register for this webinar so far we’ve only been able to have 35 percent of you view the webinar because GotoWebinar only holds a thousand people so I’m going to do another live webinar tonight at 8PM EST. Once again, GotoWebinar is going to lock up as soon as a thousand people get there so I’m going to try to trick GotoWebinar.

What I’m going to do is I’m going to open up the webinar 30 minutes before at 7:30PM EST. It’s really not tricking GotoWebinar. It’s rewarding. The early bird people get the worm so at 7:30PM EST I will open up the room the webinar still will not go out until 8 o’clock unless it fills up.

It fills up before that and then I’ll go ahead and start the webinar that’s how I did the first one 10 minutes before the webinar there’s already a thousand people in there so they’re making sense the way to them because they can get anyway. I’m going to HYPERLINK you to the registration page.

Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you tonight on the webinar.