Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at the markets. Obviously, they are closed today in the observance of George H.W. Bush passed away. If you’re looking and you’re like oh my gosh, nothing’s moving. It’s because we are all observing the death of George H.W. Bush so that’s why. So don’t worry about it. And you can take some time off and do that now.

I will tell you from past personal experience usually this is probably going to go a lot lower but it will probably bounce before it goes lower when you have like a $7,800 point drop like this the market tends to retrace about 50 percent and then roll over.

And now if it doesn’t retrace at least 50 percent then that means that the market is actually weaker than you think it is and it will really start moving to the downside and could potentially take out these most recent lows at $24,355-ish or so.

I’m going to be hosting a special webinar on ‘’ The 1% Club ’’ so far we have had 8,973 people register for that webinar and we have had two webinar so far. This one we had 12. You can read the things right here when I hover over there are the numbers so there are 4,000 registrants there. 1,200 showed up.

GotoWebinar only holds a thousand people so tons of people hundreds of thousands of people are continuing to get locked out. Then we did another one and we had 3,800 people registered for that one and only 1,300 got in. And really it’s only a thousand that’s just people logging in and out. We’re going to another one tonight at 8PM EST.

Hopefully, you won’t get locked out. If you have I apologize. Nothing really I can do about it. I will open up the room 30 minutes prior to the GotoWebinar actual starting of the webinar presentation so I will send you an alert out going ‘’Room is Open’’ at 7:30PM EST to increase your odds of getting a shot at this webinar.

I am recording but I am not sending out the recording. I record it for legal purposes just to cover my own in case anybody ever accuses me of saying Hubert said I could take a thousand dollars and turn it into a billion by Christmas. Never wanting to be able to say that so I record it to just my see why to cover my ass. But I’m not sending out the recording of this. I’m only doing it live.

Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the webinar.