Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at RIOT. If you are in this thing you may want to think about liquidating everything in it. I want to hyperlink you over to a special investigations story that CNBC did. Now, I’m not sure when they released it. I think it was today and the markets are closed on Monday so you really got to be careful here. This thing’s going to take a nosedive and go back to its previous price. So next place is going to go as obviously here to $10.18. It’ll probably hit that by next week easy. Then after that you get $7.59. I think it’s going to drop all the way back down to its $3.24 cent level. And you probably follow this company. It was the company that changed its name to Riot Black Chain. It was a medical device company that it went ballistic with all the bitcoin in the cryptocurrency stuff. The story will explain it. I just want to send this special word out to you. If you own it I don’t want it to turn into like an Enron type thing for you. And heads up, I didn’t do any of the investigations, CNBC did it. It’s a really good story. I’m going to hyperlink to the CNBC thing. Just watch the video. This is what it’s going to look like. Here’s the page will say CNBC investigates public company changed its name to Riot Block Chain and saw its shares skyrocket. You want to watch this right here. It’s not it’s not a long video but it’s really informative. You know, if something’s too good to be true or sounds like it’s too good to be true or something smells fishy or bad it usually is. So I’m just trying to protect you so. Good luck. Hopefully, you get out of that thing with your skin intact and don’t get too messed up on it. Have a great weekend. Markets are closed Monday for President’s Day and we’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.