Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at the bond market and one of the most commonly asked questions I get is ‘’I don’t understand yields versus interest rates.’’ And it can be a little bit confusing and I’m going to break it down to you so it’s super simple and easy. And then also if you’re in right. Make sure that you either use and stop offs or get out of it. I’ll hyperlink to a special story that CNBC did at the 3end of this video. So here on CNBC you can see it says U.S. 10-year yield is at $2.853% down minus negative $0.04. That means the bond markets up. Like what? That makes no sense. The yield is inverse to the futures market. So if you think about the yield, if the yield is negative that means that the price of the actual bond futures is going up. Another way to look at it is if the interest rate on your home is going up that is the actual interest rate on the bond market. But the yield is inverse to that. OK, let me show you what I’m talking about. So this is the same that the 10-year is down negative $0.04 for. Now, I am going to bring up my trade station. Now, this is a futures contract. This is the 10-year Treasury note and you can see it’s up $9.5 or $0.25 or $0.23%. So when the yield on CNBC is negative that means that the bonds are actually bouncing. Now, put that aside and all you have to think about here. Let’s go. This is the 10-year. If interest rates overtime are going to rise which they probably are going to continue then this thing will go lower. So that’s all you really have to think about, OK. If you think interest rates are going to rise then this product, the 10-year note will go lower. So will this one, the 30-year bond, OK. We call the 30-year the bond. We call the rest one on the notes so. If you think interest rates are going to go higher on your mortgage or your bank loan then these things will go lower. Now, the second thing, I want to — I’m going to hyperlink you to this weekend is this special investigation story that CNBC did. I’m not a big news follower but I am in the protecting you and be careful if you’re in the stock, RIOT. Heads up! It does not look good. If it’s too good to be true it almost always is. And if it smells bad it’s definitely usually bad. So just be careful of all those companies that changed its name it went vertical like a penny stock and if you don’t know how to trade penny stocks a lot of people do pump and dumps or it run up in the last sucker that gets hold in the bag and gets screwed. I don’t want you to get screwed so watch this video. It’s not long. It’s couple minutes, super good reporting and protect yourself at all times. Good luck. Hope it helps. And have a great weekend. Hubert.