Hubert Senters here. I have locked in my gains for my 10 year note contract that I was swing short. I locked at $1,468.75. I’ll show you the reasons why. Couple reasons number one is running out of time and number two is bouncing up against me more harshly than I want it to be. So if I look at TY here in the daily chart you can see that we have bounced up and when we get above the yellow line we tend to go to the standard line. So that is why I hadn’t covered that situation. And then I could trade this until the second week in June and then depend on your brokerage firm. Sometimes I make you a week or a week or week and a half two weeks ahead of that time so I was running out of time anyway so I was picking my time point and my exit point. And together they’re the kind of coincide really we’ll. So that’s why I’ve covered those. And I’m going to be actively trading the September contract both on the 30 and the 10 and I’ll be re-initiating them tonight and tomorrow and Friday and Sunday evening and it may take me two or three trades, I probably get wiggled out two or three and then boom, I’ll get one all latch onto it and hold onto it like a fat kid on a candy bar. Right. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m just making you aware that. We are having a special webinar tonight at 8PM EST. I will hyperlink you to this link, ‘’How to make $6,281.25 in 10 days Risking only $312.50.’’ And this is all about trading the bond market. And if you ever trade the bond market I’ll be teaching you like a bond trading 101 class and not get you up to snuff. Tell you the ins and outs of those things and see if you may be interested in learning more about the bonds and adding them to your toolbox of things that you need to know how to trade. Good luck. Hope it helps. I’ll hyperlink you to the page click CLAIM MY SPOT NOW also the webinar’s overbooked car lock airline. We’ve overbooked the webinar. We can’t really do anything about it GotoWebinar only holds a thousand people. So what I’ll do is I will open up a room about 10 minutes early so that you can try to get in there and sneak in there before the rest of the people. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.