Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at the bond market is bouncing a little bit is still a major sell. This will be a week long. I am actually already covered my short position and now I’m waiting for this bounced to kind of run out of steam so I can re-short both the 30 and the 10 year contract. As you can see the 10 minute still has a little buy energy to it here. It is above the cloud. And that’s a signal that we want to stay on the right side of the 60 here. The 60 is usually good for one to three days sometimes more, sometimes it can be three to five days or substantially more. So I’m trying to time my short on the 30 year and what I’ll do is I’ll look for the 10 minute to come back down here below the cloud and close below the 10 minute signal which will then signal to me that ‘’hey, pay attention, we’re about to roll over again.’’ Then when I start seeing this head back down towards the cloud on the 60. Then I know I’m good to go. So the 10 will go first and then the 60 will start rolling. And if I can get a close below the 60 then I know I’m really good to go. I can reach short either the 10 year bond or I should say the 30 year bond or the 10 year note. Now, tonight we are going to have a special webinar on ‘’How to make $6,281.25 in 10 days Risking only $312.50 cents’’ total. It’s basically a bond 101 course if you don’t know anything about bonds I’m going to teach you some stuff that you need to know. All right. It’s Wednesday, May 23rd at 8PM EST. It’s a live webinar. We do record these things. But 98 percent of the time we don’t send them out. I like live webinars. I don’t like sending out replays. So if you’re interested in information show up and I’ll see you there. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.