Hubert Senters here. One day earlier this week I made a video about ego will kill you in this business. This is a book I recommend that you read or listen to on Audible. I use audible for everything and if you don’t I’ve got a fairly decent sounds like library at the office too. But here’s a little trick you may not know that is possible if you use whispersync with your Kindle so I have the highest in Kindle. I don’t want it’s called. I think it’s an oasis or something like app. If you get the Kindle book okay. And then I will also get the audible and you’re like what you pay twice for it. Yes I do. And here’s why. I like the book. I’ll get the hardcover book too. I do it to consume and to learn the material better so if I’m listening to the Kindle book while I’m walking in the morning let’s say I get to chapter four and then when I go to bed at night and open up. No. I’m sorry. I said it the wrong way. If I’m listening to the audio Audible book on my phone while I’m walking in the morning and let’s say I get to chapter four and then when I go to bed at night and I’m listening to the Kindle version it was a hey, you’re already on chapter four on this page and you’re going to start there. And then I can read from say chapter four all the way to chapter six before I pass out and go to bed because I’m so tired. Then when I wake up the next morning to go for another walk. My audible app on my phone will say hey, you’re on chapter six now. Do you want to continue there and go yes? So it’s a great way and plus there’s a lot of overlap when you’re listening to the author in their own words or the voice over words and then you’re also reading. I think you learn it quicker. And then on the audible app I always listen at two times speed minimum. I mean sometimes I’ll go down one point five but usually it’s two times speed just because I can consume the information quicker. You have to listen to them to actually hear him. If you play it at one time speed it puts me to sleep just because it’s so boring so. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.