Hubert Senters here. We were on a discussion about cryptos about how to find some decent opportunities. How to trade them on different exchanges. Talking about a lot of different cryptos trade on lots of different exchanges some more some less. In this example let’s walk through a couple of things that you can do with Coinigy. Number one, you can see over here on the left. I can scroll up and down and see the exchanges so if I do Bit Finance here. If I do this one here, Bitstamp. And you can see that the contracts or the payers will be different so Ether versus Bitcoin. And then it’ll change. I’m looking at an hourly chart. Let’s look at a daily chart here. It’s just like your regular normal trading platform if you’ve trade anything else. Cryptos are no different. They’re just the wild wild west. So in this example what you can also do here in Coinigy is I can set-up alert if I want to so I can go on. I can look at markets. I can look at alert so I can set-up alert and I can say I want to do on this exchange say Bit Finance. Let’s say the market — let’s go ADA versus Bitcoin and put a price on there and if it does something I can confirm that then it’ll pop up and your requested ADA versus Bitcoin has been added. And then when that does it either if I set alert for to go above or below it will alert me of them. They also have a couple of other built in functionalities where I can click here. There you go. There’s an alert popped up. I can go ArbMatrix. If you’ve never heard of an Arb market it’s when a thing will trade on multiple exchanges at different prices on different exchanges so you can come in here and do some cool stuff and look for Arb opportunities so you can see here’s a list of all the different trades and I’m going to convert them. And then now you can see now you’ve got some different opportunities you can do LAKE versus BITS, GDAX versus LAKE, GDAX versus QCX, GDAX versus EXMO. And these are the differences that the coins are priced at and they’re not always the same on each individual exchange so that’s just a high level overview of what you can do and they’ve got a lot of other things that you can do so once again take a look at Coinigy, COINIGY. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.