Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at The Dow. It’s only down a thousand 10 point. I mean that’s not too bad, right. So heads up, market is adjusting. Now, you had a little bit of warning but not a ton. So I’m not going to say that you could have known this because you really couldn’t have on the Dow here. Yesterday you were in between the turning and the standard line and usually when it does it will be a slower drift down to the cloud like that. Now, there are a couple of other markets that are definitely that were already nasty that you should have been aware of which would mean obviously the Russell. The Russell’s been in a sell. And then also the Nasdaq has been under a little pressure lately. And you can see that it broke. It broke the top of the cloud. It was working its way and it was just right there at the bottom of the cloud so Russell definitely a place to be. And Nasdaq short today. I mean Dow down thousand points. I mean that’s a big move. And then also the S&P went crazy too, S&P. I mean those are big bar so. Danger, Danger Will Robinson! The sky is falling. Now, you get two options here. If you’re a long term investor start making a shopping list for stuff that you want to buy at a discount because it’s going to get worse. This is not just going to be the only sell off day that we have. Usually this is a precursor of worse things to come. I’m not going to say you’re going to have multiple thousand dollar days or thousand point down days on the Dow. That’s kind of unheard of. It doesn’t really work that way. But you definitely will have some follow through to the downside. Might get a little dead cat bounce. They’re going to roll right back over and get hurt some more. If you’re in stuff make sure that you have to stop-losses. Protect yourself at all times. This could be the beginnings of that 10 to 30 percent retracement that we actually need for a healthy market because we’ve had a nice little bull market run for nine years so just be aware make sure that you have a plan and stick to the plan because like old Mike Tyson said everybody’s got a plan, they get punched in the face. Heads up, you’ve just got punched in the face today if you’re just net long so make sure that you can try to stick to your strategic plan when it comes to stop-losses, trailing stop-losses and even jumping out of some things, shorting some things. And it’s always an option. So as you can see here with the ultimate breakout indicator I could pick anything and the market’s going to look really good with these bad boys as going down. I want to walk you through a trade here. A risk of point 81 as long as it stays below too. I’m ok with that risk factor there. And then you can see the short entry was $380 and this was a few days ago. There’s a 60 minute chart. There’s target one, target two and then trail a stop-loss. I like to do the risk reward ratios where I’m risking one to make three minimum and I usually like to take risk and one to make a minimum of five. So when you’re looking at this stuff you’re still going wow, this looks amazing. You know, just dial it down to 10 minute chart. See if you can dial in there when things start getting out of control and you need to see a little bit clear. So this will be the day straight set up this morning on good old Netflix here. It’s saying hey, it’s got a gap down, your way past that so you’re going to have to pursue it a little bit short that bad boy with a risk of point 86 that’s within the confines of the risk target one, target too. And then you’re just trailing a stop- loss on that thing. And the stop-loss believe it or not still appear at $358. It’s going to take a while for it to catch up. Now, if you want smaller timeframe you can do it. Just be careful. Don’t just generate commissions and downturns you want to create cash flow. And here’s an example on a five minute chart. There’s the short, target one, target two, trail and stop-loss is the blue line. It will work on stuff too, AMZN bigger fish to fry here. You can pretty much put it on anything that trends well. And there you go. You can see the entry on Amazon was yesterday at $1,883 stop-loss ATR of $1.33, that’s acceptable stop-loss. You’d only be risking from $83 to $94 so not a huge stop as far as Amazon goes target one, target two and you’re trailing a stop-loss. There’s $1,819. Something else. Let’s go INTU, a smaller stock here. Not as heavy on the price action. There you go. There’s one short, target one, target two trailing stop-loss. If those risk reward ratios look appealing to you. Mark is going to be doing a special webinar on ‘’How to Trade with a Minnow Risk to Target Whale Profits.’’ That’s going to happen Wednesday, October 17th. That’s next week. It will be 8PM EST. Probability enhanced setup, locating price reversals, how to be wrong more than your right. Heads up, I know exactly how to do that. I’ve done it tons of times in my life. So in other words, you don’t have to be more right than you are wrong. You can still be more wrong than you’re right as long as your risk reward ratio setup it will take care of you mathematically how to scan for both Intra-Day and swing trade setups. I’m going to HYPERLINK you to this form and you can register by clicking that big yellow button. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.