Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at Soybeans. They are moving in a very good uptrend and will probably continue so as Corn. Let’s take a look at Corn. There’s Corn on a daily chart. Now, you may not be a big futures trader and you’re going ok I have to trade Corn. Couple of different ways you could do it. You could do it as CORN. Believe it or not that’s a symbol. It is like a corn fund and it’s going to kind of copy the movement of Corn so here’s Corn at C and then there’s CORN. It’s close. You could also if you just want to do Agriculture you can go DBA. It’s Agriculture ETF. So if what the indexes are doing and what interest rates are doing and what Gold is doing if that’s working yet you may want to calm down a little bit and trade some just good old-fashioned commodities Agriculture, Soybeans, Corn. You can also trade them in an ETF like DBA or you can just outright trade the stock symbol Corn which is basically a Corn fund. I’m going to be doing a special webinar today Friday, September 11th at noon EST on how you can invest in hot new companies before they go public. You could go on to find the next Uber, Facebook, Tesla, Slack, Zoom. All those type of companies. I’m going to show you how do it today at noon. I will HYPERLINK you to the registration page and I’ll see you today at noon. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.