Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at the corn market. I trade a lot of different futures. You may not trade any futures. It just all depends on what you trade so if you don’t trade corn futures don’t worry I’ll show you a stock or a corn funds/ETF type instrument can kind of follow along with this. This is corn. This is actually corn futures. And as you can see it’s in a very good uptrend. It’s above the cloud. It’s above the turning line, the standard line, the cloud. The ADX is above $20. It’s at $38.43 and trending higher. It looks like corn is going to go higher. I’m going to give you a target here but I use it in a Fibonacci. Fairly easy tool to use. We’re just going to go point one, point two, point three. Next target for corn in my opinion will be $400 5/8 and then $409. So that’s what we’re looking at and then after that $417 3/8, $422 4/8. Now, if you’ve one trading futures which a lot of you may not be and that’s fine. You can trade CORN. It’s the symbol Corn. So corn let’s do a little target on this thing. Maybe we would the futures market. We’ll go bottom, top, higher so low, high, higher low so on corn target will be $13.49, $13.59, $13.77, $13.94 ND $14.04. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.