Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at Gold so there’s two markets that’s trying to get their footing right now. Nasdaq and Gold. A lot of people are telling you that neither one should never go up or down together. Heads up that happens all the time. It’s particularly right now. I mean they’re just both kind of a little bit all over the place. So the Nasdaq is clearly stronger than Gold but we’ve got some economic problems that make a lot of people jumped into Gold. How do you handle that like a technician myself? So the daily is bouncing off the cloud here. It looks decent. The 60-minute, the hourly is above the cloud so it’s telling me it’s going to be three to five days up. I’m going to probably target that $1,981 area. But then today in the intraday chart the 10-minute wasn’t a buy and then it flip back over to a sell. So this morning long and then it goes ok, and now I’m short. It’s still hasn’t got its feet underneath it yet but it’s trying so that’s the stuff I’m looking at when I’m looking at either Nasdaq or Gold or Tesla or Apple and stuff like that. I’m focusing on those three multiple timeframe analysis and I’m going to be in a better trade in my opinion if I could have this above the cloud and a way for this thing to go above the cloud. I’ll get a little bit more traction as opposed to. Have you ever eaten at a restaurant? Of course you’ve never eaten at a restaurant because you can’t eat at restaurants right now. But I guess you can at about 25 percent capacity. You’ve ever eaten at a table before and one leg is wobbly and you’re like every time you put your elbow on it. Some of my knees put something underneath of this leg because it’s annoying. That’s kind what it is when you don’t have all three timeframes together so if you don’t want to wobbly your trade make sure all your timeframes are in the same direction. I’m going to be doing a special audio interview. It’s going to be like a podcast but you can ask questions. It’s going to be a webinar. It’s a good friend of mine Kamal Ravikant. I’ve invested in a couple of his angel investing funds. He’s taught me a ton of information on that. I’m going to interview him about angel investing. I’m calling it ”Confessions of a Silicon Valley Angel Investor: The Secret to Being a Successful Insider.” How to be a successful angel investor and also how to be happy. It’s going to happen tonight at 7PM EST. Show up at the webinar. I’ll be asking him a bunch of questions. It will just be me and Kamal shooting the shit about. Pretty much anything we want to. And then if you have questions along the way and most podcasts I listen to a lot audio books and podcast you can ask questions. In this webinar you can ask questions. I’m not going to have slides though. It will just be a picture of me and Kamal up there with his bio and background and stuff like that. And that would be me asking him a bunch of questions. Hang out with us tonight at 7PM EST. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll HYPERLINK you to the registration page. Hubert.