Hubert Senters here.

Sorry. I had a microphone issue on my last two videos that are recorded if you noticed it. It was just because I had the wrong microphone hooked up. I was going through my webcam instead of my broadcast quality microphone. Anyway, let’s take a look at EOG. EOG is a decent short here.

It had a close below the cloud yesterday that would initiate a short or make you pay attention at worst case scenario. When it goes through the turning line which is at $91.32. That’s the first target off of this. If you miss that boy you better short it through $91.32 because your next target is going to be this area right here which is going to be around $87.85. It’s not too late to short this thing. You’ve just got to be a little careful with a tight stop and then your next target is going to be down here in the area of $80.91.

If it breaks that then let’s see where it’s going to go next. Let’s do a little bit longer and look back period. If it breaks $80 it could drop all the way down to about $64.86. I would say that $13 will probably fix this by the time you see this video because I just asked who changed the verbiage of this. But this is a free webinar on How to Anticipate Market Movements 1-3 days in Advance of using Artificial Intelligence.’’

VantagePoint is a good software. I’ve used it before. I recommend it to people that don’t have a lot of time and energy to spend scanning the markets way I do day in day out. Go watch the webinar. Let me know what you think.

Good luck. Hope it helps. It happens tonight at 7PM. See you on the next video.