Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at LHX hard to bound which means probably hard to short through transition. You have to find somewhere short from overall in short anyway it looks like a valid uptrend here. It is respecting the uptrend line and the absolute respect of the cloud here sold off into the cloud, bounced out of if it can come and close above $ 188.45 would be a decent long and then it should go towards $200 so it can take out $188. Next target going to be $200.

VantagePoint is going to do a special webinar tonight Tuesday July 2nd at 7PM EST. How to, how to. Hold on here. I’m just laughing at the one verb. Not that I was seeing things which means they didn’t double check their stuff and I’m dyslexic so I get a lot of passes on all this stuff. Let’s make sure I’m reading this right. It’s ‘’ How to Anticipate Market Movements 1-3 days in Advance of using Artificial Intelligence’’ so I know they just need to remove the how to.

You know what maybe they’re super serious about the how to part. It’s a good webinar. I’ve seen it before it’s good software. Anyway, I didn’t think that was funny. Put in your first name, email address and opt in and you can go watch the webinar tonight about their scanning software that has a really cool algorithm that predicts the direction. I mean where from one to three days of whatever you’re looking.

Good luck helps. See on the next video.