Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at a few things here and I don’t talk about this scan a lot but I do a lot of the scan of in the cloud. So if I look at something that’s in the cloud then what I can do is I can then zoom in on a smaller time frame like a 10 minute or a 60 and I can cheat. In other words, I can jump in a little bit early before it gets above or below the cloud. So the first thing I do is I start building my watch list of things that are in the cloud so I’m just going to scroll through a few here so here’s, you know, ALL or AAL, AEE. Here’s AEP, here’s AIV. So there’s AIZ, ALL. Let’s go AIV. So AIV is in the cloud. FX can go substantially higher. And as you can see the 10 minute would have given me an early warning back here, boom, that’s a nice little long and I can also compare that with the 60. The 60 is usually good for three to five days to the high side. So here’s your 60 minute buy signal. That’s up one day. This is the second day and I would be looking for anywhere from one to two more days maybe even three or more days next week that it continue to go higher for me and then at that point it’s above the cloud by next week holds a little bit longer. So you don’t have to just do scans above or below the cloud. You can do scans for above or below the cloud, in the cloud, above or below the turning line, above or below the turning line or the standard line. All kinds of different combinations. Tradeoff is given away $5,000 in a tradeoff competition this weekend. Mark is going to teach you some really cool strategies for the first 30 minutes of the webinar and then you guys are going to compete for $5,000 actual real dollars. If you’re interested in coming over and learning some cool stuff on how to trade and actually doing some trading in a competition, heads up you’re not trading against each other with your own accounts. What it is just sign up and say it’s really cool. It’s a piece of software that Mark developed. It’s a speed trading where we’re going to give you a little demo account and you don’t know what market you’re trading or if it’s going to go up or down or sideways and then you just trade against your peers and whoever comes first, second, third, fourth, twentieth, they get a share of the $5,000 so go over and check it out. Good luck. Hope it helps. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.