Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at WDC, Western Digital. Nice little hard drive company. Overall, it looks like a nice little chart. Looks like it’s going to go substantially lower. It doesn’t have a little base here at $40. And if it breaks that it could open up the floodgates to potentially lower price targets so.

I’m going to give an ultimate price target of $35.79 so it’s about 10 points on WDC. Now, last night we did a webinar and I tried to tell maybe not you, maybe you were all of the people that got into the webinar that GotoWebinar actually locked up 10 minutes before the webinar started so here’s an image you can see this. I’ll try to see if I can see if things scrolling here.

The webinar has reached its limit of 1,001 so I lied to you. They don’t just allow 1,000. They allow 1,001 people into webinar before it locks up anyway, 10 minutes before 8PM EST so at 7:50PM EST because I open up the room at 7:30PM EST. It locked up. I want to say I’m sorry but I did warn you.

But we’re going to do one of these webinars tomorrow at noon on Friday to give the people that were not able to log in because GotoWebinar room locked up. Now, I will warn you they’re still way more people registered for this webinar so tomorrow might locked up too. Currently right now, I’ll go grab it. So there are 3,921 people registered for this webinar which is going to happen again on Friday at noon.

I’m going to refresh to see if this number increases 3,921 to 3,921 so it’s stuck at 3,921. Anyway, I’m going to open up the room at about 11:30AM EST tomorrow for the noon webinar. I cannot promise you that it will not lock up. It will probably lock up because there’s 4,000 people registered for the webinar so there you have it.

Good luck. Oh. also I’m not recording it and I’m not sending out the recording. We had like 200 people emailing and saying ‘’hey, where’s the recording?’’ I’ve tried to be crystal clear on this and I’m trying not to be an asshole about it. I’m just trying to tell you like I’m not recording it and I’m not sending out the recording. I’m only sharing this information live with you okay. There’s no recordings. If you want to see this information show up.

Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the webinar.