Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at TIF. It is becoming harder and harder to find great long drained so that’s one of the reasons I think the market’s still going to take couple more on a chin, drop a little bit more or maybe a lot more.

But let’s take a look at Tiffany here, TIF. Looks like it’s not looking good. So that is a very complicated way of saying. I think it’s going to go substantially lower so if we look at TIF we’ve got a gap down situation here. The entire market is up but Tiffany is down. You would think Tiffany and Bourbonnais pretty well diamonds for the girlfriends around Christmas you’d think it’d be around you’d be wrong.

It’s drop-In. It’s broke key support here at $94. We’re going to back up on a weekly check. So it could potentially drop down to $70 to $60. So if you are long Tiffany make sure you have a protective stop-losses in that bad boy and protect yourself at all times. I like the short from $70 down to $60 as a target.

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Unfortunately, GotoWebinar only holds a thousand people. Currently we have 3,430 people. I’m going to refresh this page in real time so you can see. Two more people since I’ve done this video who signed up so 3,432. I’m going to try to open up the GotoWebinar room maybe 30 minutes before. I definitely will do it 15 minutes before.

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GotoWebinar goes to capacity of the thousand and then you guys are going to start falling off e-mails and cussing us. But we can’t control it. I wish we could. I don’t own Citrix. But anyway, I’m not recording it so I can’t send out the recording. I’m only doing live webinar about this specific product.

Good luck. Hope it helps and I’ll see you on the webinar.