Hubert Senters here. Got a question from a viewer so let’s go grab that question. Good afternoon Hubert. Good afternoon. Which broker do you recommend for Bond Trading? Thank you for all your great lessons! Best regards, Joseph. It doesn’t matter. I don’t care how you query through them. I don’t have a relationship with any of them. Me personally I have a several different broker dues account in case any of them decide to go crazy on me. Good recommendations Trade Station, Thinkorswim, Etrade, Interactive Brokers. Almost all of the big brokerage firms will allow you to trade bonds. All you have to know is if they’ll allow you to trade futures. That’s all bonds are. Bonds are just a futures contract. Those are all some good ones. And I probably left out Ninja traders is good. Infinity futures is good. All of those are good. All brokers are like unncessary evil. All brokers go down from time to time. None of their software is perfect because it’s software and even exchanges like the Dow, S&P, Nasdaq and Russell. It will go down from time to time same way the stock exchange. None of them is perfect but all of the major ones have decent enough execution and you’re not going to be hyper scalping in and out of these things and a micro second or three to four seconds. You’re going to hold them for two to three hours or an hour at least and for the most part if you want to make more money you’re going to hold them overnight so. Tons of good brokerage firms out there will allow you to trade those creatures. I’m going to be doing a special live webinar Wednesday, March 31st at 8PM EST on How to Make $1,000 or More Risking Only $156.25. I’m going to HYPERLINK you to the registration page. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.