Hubert Senters here. In the last video or the video before I was talking about the 2 year given a signal that we could potentially roll back over in the bond market after we had this little Italy scare. Okay. So it is a global economic issue that happens in the markets and you have to be aware of them. You just have to be ready for stuff like that because sometimes the markets will just jump out of nowhere because somebody said something or some crazy did something or they’ll sell off because somebody said somewhere or some crazy did something. So you can see here nice little sell off on the previous video here. We’ve got follow through here. And then what you do is you want to double check that with the longer term trading rates and see if it’s doing a domino effect. So if the 2 year went down did also the 5 year go down? Yes, fall into below the cloud. Did the 10 year? 10 year? Yes, it’s fall into that. That’s a sell signal. The only one not yet to fall and now, I’m saying yet because it’s going to fall is the 30 year is still in the cloud and it’s been up right now 130 seconds from the 6PM open here. So looking for this thing to falter in the next 24 to 48 hours. So overall that’s how you can use the shorter term or trading rates to kind of predict or project what the other longer term maturity rates might do. Tomorrow would be the last live webinar before I teach the bond trading boot camp because I’ve got to go on a little travel so I’m going to give you the link here. And the topic is ‘’How to make $6,281.25 in 10 days Risking only $312.50. Also going to give you a framework of how I believe that you should go about picking the best market for you to trade whether it stocks options, futures 4X, what the difference between the Microsoft and Amazon does with your particular style. So I’m going to hyperlink it to this page. Just click CLAIM MY SPOT NOW and I’ll see you tomorrow Tuesday, June 5th at 8PM EST. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.